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8 Direct And Easy Neck Lift Exercises

8 Direct And Easy Neck Lift Exercises

Restore the lost charm by spending some time on your skin; it is better late than never! You can reduce those sags by doing some simple exercises. Read on and get familiarized with some neck lift exercises from the following section.

Who doesn’t want to look young? No one would like their skin to reveal their real age and that is the reason your researches on cosmetics give way to anti-aging creams and such products once you step into the thirties. Sometimes it may happen that you forget about yourself shuttling between home and office.

It is only when your eyes drag your attention towards the reflection of sagged skin on the mirror; you realize that it’s been too long that you cared for your skin. It is quite natural that your hectic days kill your enthusiasm to spend time caring for your skin and pampering it, but aren’t you being cruel to yourself and your skin, though unknowingly? However, it is still not late.

Causes of Sagging Neck

One major cause of the sagging neck is aging. Your skin has a natural elasticity that helps it to adjust according to the changes – it stretches when you gain weight and shrinks when you shed off the extra kilos. But as the years pass and your body grow older; your skin loses its elasticity and becomes slack. This loose skin gradually droops due to the gravitational pull. A bad lifestyle, unhealthy diet, exposure to excess sunlight, smoking, etc. can aggravate the situation. 

Importance of Neck Lift Exercises

You have already learned how age and other factors affect your skin and its elasticity. You have two ways out of this situation – either you opt for corrective cosmetic surgery or do some simple exercises on a daily basis and restore younger skin. It is always advisable to opt for the second option as surgery is always considered as the last resort. 

Lip Pout

As the name suggests, you need to make a pout with your lower lips pulling your neck muscles up. For added effects, put your finger on your clavicle (collarbone) and pull the stretched neck simultaneously as you pout. You will feel a considerable pull in your neck while performing this exercise. Though appears to be simple, it reduces skin sagging. 

Chewing Exercise

This is a simple exercise that you can do whenever you are free. It does not require any equipment or any preparation. Sit in an erect posture and look at the ceiling. Now act as if you are chewing something. You could feel the tension in your neck muscles. Do it for some time (about 20 chews) and then get back to the original position. Repeat this at least three times a day. 

Front Hold

This exercise basically involves the sternocleidomastoid muscle, which controls the flexion of the neck. Place both your palms on your forehead and press your head back. Now, resist this press with your head, pressing forward against your palms.

Hold this position for about ten seconds and release it gradually. You utilize your neck muscles and thus is a good exercise for your sternocleidomastoid muscle. Though this exercise causes no movement, it produces considerable tension in the neck region, making the neck muscles work hard. This exercise is known by another name as well – called the isometric hold. 

Back Hold

This exercise works with the splenius muscle of the neck, which is responsible for neck extension. Place both your palms on the back of your head and push your head forward. Resist this push by pushing your head backward, with the help of the neck muscles. Hold it for about ten seconds and release it gradually. You utilize the splenius muscle for this exercise. 

Side Hold

This exercise again is for the sternocleidomastoid muscle. This exercise works on the lateral flexion (side-to-side movement) function of this muscle. It is similar to the other exercises mentioned already. Place your right palm on your right temple and push it towards the left. Resist this force by pushing against it using your neck muscle and hold for about ten seconds and release it gradually. Repeat this exercise on the other side using your left hand. 

Dumbbell Shrug

You utilize the trapezius muscle in the neck to do this exercise. Trapezius muscle extends from the middle of the back to the shoulders. You need a pair of dumbbells to do this exercise. Hold the dumbbells and raise them as high as you can, moving the hands towards your ears. Hold it for some time and take the dumbbells back to the original position. 

Mentioned above are some simple exercises that can help you reduce those unwanted signs of aging from your neck. Though appearing to be simple, these are worth practicing, and you could be benefitted from younger-looking skin.

Cover Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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