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Easy Math Activities For Preschoolers

Easy Math Activities For Preschoolers

Almost all of us have been taught mathematics from a young age, but only a few of us ended up learning any. Apart from the basics that we apply in our daily routine like paying bills, buying fruits and vegetables, counting salary more than a few times to make sure not even a penny has been deducted, and calculating our annual tax returns to make sure not even a penny is being paid more; mathematics is nothing more than a group of numbers and formulas ganging up on us and chasing us out of the street.

On the contrary, mathematics is anything but gibberish to those who turned around and actually listened to what those numbers and formulas had to say and mean, rather than freaking out on them. Shutting the eyes on the world doesn’t make the world disappear, similarly, discarding the importance of mathematics and limiting it to routine tasks doesn’t make the importance of mathematics, in the world of science and technology, economy, medicine, and in understanding the workings of our vast universe, any less.

If taught from an early age without making it boring, math helps children develop a keen interest in problem-solving, opening up their imagination with infinite possibilities, and training a clear and logical school of thought. Read this article about math activities for preschoolers and indulge your young one in fun activities built around mathematics that will allow him to make a friend out of those numbers and formulas when he/she grows up. 

Preschool Math Activities

  1. Start with buying a set of numbers made up of colored plastic for your little one and have him/her learn their names and sequence. Those bright colors will attract your child to the numbers like a moth to a flame. But make sure the numbers are big enough that your kid doesn’t get choked up on them and ends up being a math hater.
  2. Have him/her count as many times as possible in front of as many people as possible. Reward him/her if he/she counts in sequence with correct names.
  3. Hide the numbers inside your home and ask your child to find them. Give hints as he/she goes along with the number hunt. Upon finding, ask him/her what the number is and give a candy if the answer is correct.
  4. When your child gets familiar with the numbers and sequencing, expand his/her horizon by asking him/her to locate numbers from within the addresses, advertising boards, numbers on the telephone, and even from within the songs that he/she loves.
  5. While doing laundry, ask him/her to sort out and count how many socks, shirts, and pants are there. Do the same with books (hardcover or softcover) and with shoes (shoes or sandals or sneakers).
  6. Let him/her fun with numbers by carving them in the sand (if you have a beach or playground nearby) or in a large flat bowl with sugar spread out in it.
  7. Never stop with the learning process; advance on to another level if you feel your child has mastered the art already.

With these preschool math activities, have your child embrace mathematics!

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