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4 Easiest Magic Tricks For Kids

4 Easy Magic Tricks For Kids

Ever wished to perform magic tricks or envied the mesmerizing performances by world-famous magicians like Criss Angel, P.C.Sorkar, or Harry Houdini? The magic tricks, besides landing us in a fantasy world, also create a sense of curiosity and inspire us to challenge ourselves.

Though elders are fond of magic, it’s undoubtedly the kids who are completely gaga over magic tricks and shows. Learning magic is not just entertaining but can be of great help in terms of choosing an alternate career for yourself or just wowing people with your amazing skills.

Parents who throw a birthday party for their kids can organize a magical show, which will surely increase the fun factor.  All said and done, not everyone can master the art of magic that involves the creation of illusion. It requires a lot of patience, dedication, and hard work. Read out the following write-up to know some of the easiest magic tricks.

Magic Tricks For Kids

The Disappearing Coin

Sit at a table and tell your audience to hand you any coin. Tell them that by rubbing the coin on your elbow, you will make it disappear. Rub the coin on your left elbow and drop it on the table. Make your audience understand that it doesn’t seem to be working well with that elbow, so will try rubbing it on your other elbow.

Now, carefully pick the coin up with your right hand and pretend to place it in your left hand. Put your right hand (with the coin) up by your ear and rub your left hand on your elbow. Meanwhile, slowly drop the coin down the back of your shirt. Now show both your empty hands and get them startled.   

Find The Card

For this trick, use a normal deck of 52 cards. Before starting this trick, quickly check the bottom card of the deck. Fan the cards out and ask an audience member to pick out any one of the cards from the deck and memorize it. Place the deck face down on the table and tell the audience member to place his/her picked card on top and to cut the deck. Pick up the deck of cards and look for that particular card that was originally on the bottom of the deck. The card immediately to its left will be the card that the audience member picked!  

Ghostly Straw

Place any kind of straw on the table and with the help of your fingers make a circular motion around the straw, without touching it. Now, bend your head down closer towards the straw, as if to watch it closer. As people get involved in watching your act, stop moving your finger in the circular motion and instead place it in front of the straw and move your finger away from you. At the same time, lightly blow on the straw, which will make it move towards your moving finger. It should look as if the straw is eerily following your finger.  

The Misplaced Coin

Pull a coin out of your pocket or ask for one from the audience. Take it with your left hand and place it in the palm of your right hand. In one motion, turn your hands into fists, while quickly throwing the coin from the right hand into the left hand. This will take a lot of practice in front of a mirror. Open your hands up and show that the coin has magically transferred from one fist to another. These easy magic tricks for kids are sure to create a magical spell in the air and make you a real star among your friends and neighbors!

Cover Photo by Daisy Anderson from Pexels

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