6 Easy and Best Workouts At Home

6 Easy and Best Workouts At Home

In the daily hectic schedule, where we spend nearly 8-10 hours in the office and 3-4 hours in commuting, there is hardly any free time left for ourselves. The fast-paced life of metro cities, along with increasing pollution, has caused numerous health hazards.

Result: deteriorating health that further worsens, causing health problems! Most health problems caused to urban people are prominently associated with their lifestyle. Obesity, blood pressure, stress, and heart diseases are some of the very common health problems of urban people. These health disorders, however, can be easily prevented with the help of regular exercise and workouts.

Gyms and health clubs have turned out to be good places to hit to lose some body weight. But then, how many of us have the time or money to hit the gym every single day? Very few, indeed! Thinking about what to do now? Don’t worry, for there are various types of workouts that you can easily do in your homes, without spending your hard-earned money on costly gyms.

What’s more, these exercises demand just a few minutes from your daily schedule. The lines below will highlight some easy workouts at home that you can easily do and switch to healthy living! 

Walking or Jogging

Probably the best and the cheapest way of doing exercise at home is walking or jogging. You can easily have a relaxing jog in the neighborhood parks or within the compound of your house. Jogging can be a good warming exercise for other cardiovascular workouts. Every day spends about 15 to 20 minutes jogging, start slowly at first and then increase the stride and gradually increase the pace.

Stair Climbing

Do you have a staircase in your home? If yes, then you can have an easy aerobics workout right at your home. At first, stand at the bottom of the stairs. Have a little warm-up exercise for your legs by walking in place. Now step up on the first stair, and then climb down. Repeat this process on the first stair ten times, followed by a little walk in place for fifteen seconds.

Next, climb up two stairs and then climb down. Repeat this process ten times. Now you know the pattern. The next step will include climbing up three stairs. Follow this pattern till you climb ten stairs. This workout will really help you in burning a lot of body calories.

Wall Push-Ups for the Chest

This effective workout includes standing with the face as opposed to the wall and maintaining a distance of one to two feet from the wall. Now place both your hands on the wall with a distance of shoulder-width apart. Remember to keep the arms at the same level as your shoulder.

Now incline towards the wall by bending your elbows only. Lower yourself towards the wall and then push your body back to the standing position. Remember to keep your body stiff and straight during the whole exercise.

Squats For The Legs

It is a simple workout and can be easily performed at home. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your body straight. Now start the exercise by bending the knees and slowly lowering your body down until you feel uncomfortable.

If you are capable of lowering yourself till you have your thighs standing horizontally parallel, do it. The next step includes pushing the body back to the standing position by using the power in your legs. At first, you can use a bar to build grip for the exercise and once you become stronger with squats, stop using the bar.

Crunches For Abs

Start the workout by lying flat on your back. Your knees should be bent while your feet comfortably placed on the floor. Grip your hands either on your chest or back of your head and keep in mind not to pull on your head. Following the first simple crunch, just roll the upper part of the body.

To make the workout more effective, you can choose to push your chest and head up towards the ceiling while keeping your lower back flat on the floor. Hold your body at the top movement for few seconds for more effectiveness.

Rolling Chair Presses

In case you have a rolling chair at home, you can have a wonderful arm exercise with the help of the chair. All you need is to hold the edge of your desk while seating in the chair. Now with the help of your arm muscles, pull yourself close to the desk, and then push yourself back away. This is a very easy method for having some arm exercises. 

Just spend few minutes on these simple exercises and you can easily maintain a healthy body frame.

Cover Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels

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