8 Easy Aerobic Exercise At Home

8 Easy Aerobic Exercise At Home

Do you work in shifts and never get a suitable time to join a gym? You have tried to set different time slots in the gym according to your shifts, but you never got a chance to visit the gym. Your weight is increasing day by day and now you have started feeling dizzy.

If your lifestyle is hectic, then why don’t you try aerobics at home? Probably, you have heard people saying, “You won’t be able to cope up with exercise at home.” These are de-motivating words! Just select some of the best exercises to work at home, prepare a plan, and stick to it.

There is plenty of home-based aerobics that can help you to get back in shape. Keep on bringing variations in the types of exercises you do and you will never feel bored. Here you will find a list of the best aerobic exercises that you can do at home.


Walking is a low-impact exercise and is good for people with weak stamina. Depending on your tolerance level, you can go for simple walking or brisk walking. Start your day with a walk. An early morning walk can be more effective and gives better results. A 30 minutes walk will increase your heart rate and improves the flow of oxygen in your body. The body will burn fat to give energy for a walk, which will result in weight loss.


In our childhood, we used to jump for fun only, but jumping is also a perfect workout option. Jumping is a high-impact exercise and is usually preferred by people with high stamina. You can either jump using a rope or can do simple jumping too. So, how are you going to follow a jumping routine? Start with 5 minutes of small jumps for 2-3 days. Increase the duration to 10 minutes and continue for 2-3 days. Finally, increase the duration to 20-30 minutes and reap the benefits of jumping exercise.


This is a perfect exercise for flattening and shaping your tummy. So, how is this exercised? Here are the steps:

  • Lay down on the floor
  • Fold your legs
  • Keep your hands below your head
  • Start raising your head towards knees and then lower it back on the floor
  • Perform this step 20 times

This exercise puts strain on the muscles of your stomach and tones it over a period of time.

Climbing Stairs

Climbing stairs is considered a sport nowadays. Climbing stairs involve walking or running against gravity. We can incorporate it as an exercise into our daily routine. It tones your legs and thighs. Knees, legs, and thighs play a major role in stair climbing. It is a low-impact exercise and appropriate for people with low stamina.15 minutes of stairs climbing is equal to 30 minutes of running.


Swimming gives the quickest results when compared to any of the exercises. So, if you have a swimming pool at home, then you can reap the benefits of swimming also. While swimming, water holds our body and we swim against the resistance of water. Your complete body works to defeat the resistance of water and move ahead. The number of calories burnt will depend on the type of swimming.

Steps Aerobics

Whenever people think about steps aerobics, they feel excited. You will enjoy steps aerobics with fast beat music. Steps aerobics is generally performed on an elevated platform, whose height can be raised and lowered depending on the requirements. These elevated platforms are found in the gym, but at home, you can try it on the stairs. Start with the basic steps and move up and down the stairs. You can reduce enough weight with the help of basic steps too.

Front Leg Lifts

The front leg lift is the easiest one for beginners. It makes the abdominal muscles work to tone your tummy. This exercise involves the up and down movement of legs and that also makes the muscles of the thighs work. So, it tones your tummy as well as thighs. Now, let us check out the steps involved in the exercise.

  • Lie straight on the floor with your back and stretch your legs
  • Bend your legs and raise them so that they are perpendicular to your body
  • Straighten the legs towards the ceiling
  • Lower your legs slowly so that it is one inch above the ground
  • Raise your legs slowly back towards the ceiling
  • Repeat these steps 20 times

Side Leg Lifts

Just as front leg lifts, side leg lifts are also easy for beginners. These lifts are done for toning the waist and thighs. The following steps are followed:

  • Lie straight on your left side and stretch your legs
  • Raise your head sideways and give it support with your hands
  • Bend your right leg and raise it so that it is at 60 degrees, simultaneously bend your head towards your leg
  • Lower your leg slowly so that it just touches the left leg and at the same time bring your head back
  • Raise your leg back at 60 degrees
  • Repeat these steps 20 times for the right side
  • Change your side and repeat the steps for the left portion

A good list! Isn’t it? Include all of these in your list and keep on changing every day to get rid of boredom. If you love music, then don’t forget to include it while exercising.

Cover Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

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