Dog abuse Facts: How can you prevent it?

Dog abuse Facts: How can you prevent it?

Dogs are known to be a man’s best friend but yet they are abused by people all around the world. There are more than 6000 recorded cases of dog abuse.  Thankfully, there are many rescue groups committed to the welfare of dogs.

What is dog abuse?

Dog abuse is the act of showing cruelty to dogs or inflicting any injury by humans. Hitting or shouting at dogs is also considered to be a form of abuse, though it’s not applicable to dogs employed for a purpose.

Effects of dog abuse:

The most prominent effect of dog abuse is psychological. Any form of abuse can impact the dog psychologically, making it prone to several health problems. The dog may start rejecting any form of love or care and even hide under tables.

The other negative effect is aggression. Aggressive dogs usually growl at anybody trying to approach it. Such dogs also often attack their abuser and even those who are innocent.

Symptoms of dog abuse:

  • Flea infestations, if it is left untreated the dog can die
  • Missing hair
  • Dogs left alone without food or water
  • Dogs kept outside in extreme cold or heat
  • Limping
  • Any wound on the body
  • Thin and starving dog
  • Dogs shying away on seeing anybody approaching them



Call your local police department or local animal control agency if you see any dog being abused. There are the “Humane Law Enforcement Agents” in the state of NY who arrest dog abusers, but it differs from state to state.

Be aware:

Keep an eye on your neighborhood dogs for any sign of abuse, for example, a dog losing weight very fast.

Provide Details:

Provide as many details as possible to the investigating agency. You can write down what you saw and the date and time of the incident.

Treat your own dog nicely:

If you have a dog then you have to take good care of it. Your responsibility does not end with providing just food and water. You have to be proactive and take your dog to the veterinarian for regular check-ups. Make sure to get your dog neutered.

Educate your kids about treating animals with respect:

Children are often seen in homes where dogs are abused. If the parents are being cruel towards the dog then the children will learn the same. Educate your kids about how to love and care for dogs.

Become a member:

You can become a member of any local dog shelter or rescue group. It’s a big way of showing your support towards the cause. You can become a volunteer and adopt a dog who has been abused.


Protest if you see anybody hitting or teasing a dog. Be vocal and let the abusers know that what they are doing is unethical and a crime.

Write to your local government:

Dog abuse is a crime in only 31 states. Write letters to your local government urging them to take notice of the issue if dog abuse is not recognized as a crime in your state yet. A citizen’s voice can go a long way in changing things.

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