5 Great Cottage Style Decorating Ideas

5 Great Cottage Style Decorating Ideas

The contemporary homemakers are ever struggling to give a unique and aesthetic look to their sweet dwelling. Cottage style is one of the recent home décor vogues for people the world over. Many interesting features are involved in cottage decorations that bring about the coziness, beauty, and tranquility in the house.

There can be varied forms of cottage decorating styles such as shabby chic style, beach home, country cottage style, retro style, romantic style, French country style, rustic style, and the list is endless. You can play with natural color schemes and add more roses and shrubs to your cottage garden. Or just drape your windows with lace curtains or use vintage fabrics in your rooms!

Hang pendant lights in the living room or use old wooden planks for kitchen furniture. The bottom line is to blend the tradition with contemporary style and bestow an exclusive cottage feel to your residence. Delve a little more into cottage-style decorating ideas for more. 

Cottage Fabrics

The selection of the right fabrics plays a very important role in styling your home. As cottage style is synonymous with nature, cottage fabrics have gorgeous floral patterns and the color scheme is stolen innocently from the garden. Thus, green, yellow, pink, pale blue, and white dominate the cottage style of fabrics.

Vintage fabrics to add grace to your tea towels, tablecloths, table runners, pillowcases, bedsheets, etc. Just any traditional fabric can be cut and sewed into beautiful napkins, kitchen towels, lampshades, and even curtains. You can even use chintz and chenille fabrics to decorate your quilts or drape your antique furniture skillfully. 

Cottage Kitchens

Cottage kitchens are a merger of your old-fashioned furniture and modern amenities. The fragrance of your painted wooden plank floors gives a cottage feel to your kitchen. You can fix pendant lights on the ceiling or just paint any old light fixture and get it fixed to add aesthetics to your kitchen.

Bamboo or Roman shades for windows, bead boards on walls, and the use of floral and light fabrics are some of the ingenious ways to augment cottage style to your regular kitchen. The kitchen cabinets, teapots, electrical appliances can be draped with alluring vintage linens.

Durable butcher-block counters are again symbolic of cottage-style kitchens. Austerity and functionality are the key elements for your kitchen décor. If you want a Country Cottage style, use dark earthy colors. On a whole, mismatched but comfortable furniture is the core of your cottage kitchen. 

Cottage Windows

Cottage windows allow you to be close to nature, thus they have huge expanses and are usually kept open. They fill your home with lots of sunlight and air. Just by adding elegant lace curtains, you can give a cottage feel to your modern windows.

Again, natural fibers can be used to embellish the windows. White sheers, valances, wood slat blinds, and flowery patterned curtains reflect simplicity yet they exude class. There are varied forms of shades available such as bamboo shades, which give a warm feel, or cellular shades to add vitality to your house. Window shades decorated with buttons and ribbons look stunning. 

Cottage Lighting

Cottage lighting illuminates your space. The use of romantic chandeliers in your dining room adds royalty to your cottage home. In bedrooms, use frosted glass light fixtures to create a romantic ambiance. Pendant lights are suitable in cottage bathrooms and kitchens. Find some old fittings, get them repaired, and decorate them. There are infinite possibilities for adorning your lampshades.

You can use pottery jugs, coffee pots, vases, or just an antique teapot as a lamp base and form the lampshade with bright flowery fabrics. Apart from these, ornamented wall torches, wall sconces, white ceiling fans, vintage fixtures available at old markets add a lot of ‘cottage’ sense to your house. Don’t forget the candles! Whether real or flameless, candles add magic to enhance any given space and definitely add cottage attribute to your house. 

Cottage Bedrooms

Like other areas of your house, even bedrooms require certain characteristics to get a cottage feel.  Light-colored flowery bed covers and bed sheets add serenity to the most loved area of your house! Organic cotton and chintz fabrics designed with stripes, paisleys, and solid patterns make the bedroom look attractive.

Old and weathered furniture at the corners, bead boards on walls, chandeliers, lamps, hand-painted headboards, all these dominate the cottage style of decoration. To give a French Country style to your bedroom, use rich colors with faux painting techniques on walls and wallpapers. For an English cottage style, black and white snaps in antique photo frames work the best for your bedrooms. And for a Retro style, use chrome furniture, paint it in red and display a dazzling lava lamp in your cottage-looking bedroom! 

Do not despair if your house isn’t located near a beach or countryside! In whichever part of the world you are residing in, you can still give a cottage feel to your house by adapting the above decorating ideas. A little imagination and your love for your home can create magic and bring about the desired results! 

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