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15 Completely Modern and Different Types of Skirts

15 Completely Modern and Different Types of Skirts

Skirts are the kind of outfits that can never go out of fashion. Women have adorned themselves with different kinds of skirts, of varied prints and patterns, ever since the evolution of this attire. And, there is nothing like a skirt that can make a woman feel delicately feminine and beautiful about herself. Either as a long drape or as a short cute teaser, something in heavier fabrics or flowy materials, skirts always dress women in sheer elegance and grace.

They are not confined to any particular occasion and can be the perfect attire for a professional event, a lunch date, or a glittery night-out. There are wide varieties of skirts available at the stores nowadays and finding the right one can be an asset to your wardrobe. A perfectly silhouetted skirt won’t let you get lost in the crowd; it will make you stand out for sure. Check out the kinds of skirts and pick the perfect one that will compliment your body type. 

Whether it’s a casual occasion or a formal event, you have a skirt ready to sport right away. Right from the evolution of mankind, skirts have been around. Be it the rectangular pieces of animal skin or the leaves interwoven together, skirts were the basic clothing item used for covering the private parts.

As time passed by, skirts, too, underwent an evolution and saw several modified and versatile forms. Depending upon your figure, size, and height, skirts come in different variations to suit your needs and flaunt your curves perfectly.

Various factors are taken into consideration while looking for the right skirt, like the kind of skirt, colors, and details of the skirt, size and measurements, and the price, of course. In fact, such is the wide spectrum of skirts that it becomes difficult to keep a track of all the skirt varieties found and offered by the fashion world.

This oh-so-fashionable attire lets you quickly take on the style which makes you stand out from the rest. Go through the following lines to get know-how about the various types of skirts and take a step further towards becoming a fashion-literate. 


These kinds of skirts are fitting at the waist and enhance the hips and thighs. The skirt then becomes wider and flairs at the hem, to give the shape of an ‘A’. This skirt is recommended for those with a pear-shaped body as it balances out the heavier hips and thighs. It is not too flattering for narrow hipped and petite framed bodies. Some of the types of A-line skirts are godet skirts and paneled skirts.

The shape of an A-line skirt basically represents the letter ‘A’. It sits snugly at the waist, kisses the hips and thighs, and flares out at the hem. This basic skirt can be found in three variations – godet skirt, gypsy skirt, and paneled skirt.

Godet skirts provide more volume at the hem, through the triangular fabric pieces that are inserted from the main body of the skirt to the hem. They provide a slimming look, by distracting attention from the waist and hips. A gypsy skirt is an A-line skirt reaching the ankles, featuring tiers with or without ruffles. An A-line skirt featuring vertical panels of fabric stitched from the waist to the hem is called a paneled skirt. 


Straight skirts are the same in width from the waist to the hem. They can either be knee-length or extend until the ankles, depending on the physique of the person. A slit at the back or on the sides of these straight skirts helps in moving around easily. A loose knee-length straight skirt would help hide big thighs, while a short one would suit the tiny and petite. They can be an asset when it comes to flaunting tall and slender figures. Depending on the type of material – silk, satin, heavier cotton, denim, etc – straight skirts can be adopted for the right occasion. 

True to its name, a straight skirt falls in a straight line from the waist to the hem. Offered in varying lengths, ranging from knee-length to ankle/mid-calf length, straight skirts can be worn for both casual and formal occasions. To make it easy and comfortable for the wearer to move, these skirts usually have a slit at the back, sides, or front. 

Pencil and Tube

Pencil and tube skirts can make for smart office wear. Pencil skirts are knee-length, while the tube skirt is the longer version falling below the knee, usually until the calf. They are stitched using clingy stretchy materials and they can only be an option if you sport a skinny, slim, and hourglass figure. These flatter the legs and complement the curvy figures very well. 

Usually knee-length or slightly shorter, a pencil skirt fits extremely close around the hips and thighs. It is more formal and is most often worn with suits or jackets, thereby falling under the formal event category. With a slit at the back, this chic and elegant skirt looks best when worn by an hourglass, no-claws figured women. Tube skirts are the latest variation of pencil skirts that reach the calf or ankles. 


Mini skirts are the most fascinating and shortest. Miniskirts are very casual, yet very sexy. They look good on both short women and those with longer torsos as they add and enhance the height factor. In case you want to show off those well-toned and tanned legs, miniskirts are just perfect. 

Love them or loathe them, mini skirts have become a wardrobe basic and look extremely stylish and chic. Small or ‘mini’ in length, they reach just a few inches below the waist, till mid-thigh. Their variant, micro-minis are even shorter than the normal mini skirts. These are found in a variety of fabrics, sizes, and shapes.

While the denim miniskirt looks cute for a casual outing to the pub or nightclub, flared A-line miniskirts, often called ra-ra skirts, look best when created with multiple layers of frills. 


Bubble skirts have hems going inwards around the skirt circumference to create a voluminous and puffy balloon-like look. This kind of silhouette compliments only the thin and smaller framed girls, but curvaceous women can give it a shot if they want to hide body flaws. These volume skirts should be handled with a lot of flairs and should be made using flowy materials like satins or crepes. Cotton or heavy silks tend to create a creased and shabby effect. Bubble skirts also work well for girls who want to hide flat derrieres.

It is due to the shape of the skirt that gives it the puffy look and the name ‘bubble’. The hem is of the same width as the waist, giving the skirt a voluminous, bubble-like illusion, and balloon-like silhouette. Oscillating between constant on and off on popularity, bubble skirts do form a must-have skirt type in your wardrobe. Fabric plays a major role in giving the skirt the perfect bubble shape. Satin or flowy crepes and georgettes have the maximum tendency to handle the shape well. 


These are rectangular pieces of cloth with fabric ties that one can wrap around the waist. They can be either knee-length or ankle-length and can be adjusted to the amount of leg you want to show. After wrapping around, the skirt could be either A-line or straight, and these are quite suitable for people with any body type. However, the taller and slender ones would prefer a shorter wrap on. 

Uneven and Asymmetrical Hem

These with uneven and no predefined silhouettes are asymmetrical hem skirts. They are a perfect mix of unconventional cuts and fabrics and have interesting hems to them. Asymmetrical skirts work best with lighter fabrics like chiffons, crepes, and georgettes and they add a lot of bounce and grace to a woman’s gait. They can be perfect for women of all kinds of body types, as they tend to hide the body flaws at the hips, legs, or thighs. 

Skirts having unbalanced or uneven hems are known as asymmetrical. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and work great for different figures. The hem moving and swishing rhythmically at different levels with the woman’s gait, helps in hiding the not-so-flattering body parts at the hip, thigh, or legs. 


The hem of these skirts is a perfect circle. They could either be short or ankle-length, depending on the physique. The short ones suit the slender ones while the longer varieties are an option for fuller bodies. 


These are recommended for those who are tall and heavy on the hips; petite women can seem too swallowed up with this kind of drape. The extra flair and generous use of cloth give a floaty feeling and are perfect to hide the heavy derriere. For tall and thin girls, large prints on the flare could give extra body, while bigger women should go for solid colors.

Skirt with Yokes

Skirts that are divided into two parts at the waist are called skirts with yokes, or fit and flared skirts. The upper part of the skirt has a fitted yoke, after which the skirt flares out. The yoke can either be asymmetrical or regular horizontal or round. These skirts come in both long and short lengths, in an assortment of fabrics, though the best fit and look comes with lighter fabrics. They are best worn for casual outings or at nightclubs. 


A draped skirt boasts of self-fabric folds which are placed asymmetrically at one side of the hem or waist, or even at both the side seams. It exudes a dressy and elegant look and slimming effect, especially to plump body types. It is usually made with flowy fabrics which can be easily and conveniently created into folds and give the desired results. 

Fit and Flared

These skirts are a combination of fit and flare. The skirts can be fitted to a certain point until the flare starts to give the bouncy look. The fit enhances the derriere region while the flare gives an enticingly feminine feel. Mermaid skirts fit until the knees and flare up after that to give the appearance of the mermaid. 

These were the different kinds of skirts available for different kinds of bodies. An apple-shaped body or a perfect hourglass figure, whatever you own, the types of skirts available are many and they are sure to make you look great. No matter what length, fabric, or cut, if you have picked the right one, it will complement your figure.

Apart from the above-mentioned skirt types, wrap skirts, circle skirts, mermaid skirts, tiered skirts, knife-pleated skirts, and box-pleated skirts are some other popularly worn skirt ensembles. In short, there is a skirt to wear for every occasion. So, which one are you going to sport today?

Cover Image by Khusen Rustamov from Pixabay

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