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9 Colossal Benefits of Cosmetics

9 Colossal Benefits of Cosmetics

Cosmetics are not just a symbol of vanity. They are, in fact, a symbol of an inherent desire in humans to look their best. Cosmetics have been used by humans since prehistoric times. The ancient Egyptians were noted for their make-up. This has been proved by archaeological evidence which suggests that they have been using cosmetics since 3500 BC.

During the 20th century, with industrialization, the use of cosmetics reached a new high as more and more people started donning makeup to enhance their visual appeal. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine anyone with a bare face – blushes, eyeliners, kohl, and lipsticks being bare necessities that women today need for even a “natural” look.

No wonder no celebrity will have the camera go ‘click’ ‘click’ without donning layers and layers of cosmetics. Not even when they are ill. But if you think that cosmetics only heighten beauty, then you couldn’t be more mistaken. When you go through the benefits of cosmetics given below, you will be surprised at how beneficial they are to the body and the skin.

What Are Benefits of Cosmetics?

  1. One of the most approved and accepted benefits of cosmetics is in enhancing skin beauty. Cosmetics improve the complexion and provide the skin with a healthy tone. Naturally, the overall look of the skin is greatly improved. Cosmetics can also be the best way to express your personal style and give yourself a new look every time.
  2. Cosmetics can also be used to deep cleanse the skin. Creams and lotion clear blocked pores in the skin, which in some cases may lead to infections and acne. Cleansing cosmetics clear the skin of dirt and microorganisms, making it look fresh and glowing.
  3. Cosmetic moisturizers prevent drying up of the skin. They are excellent lubricant agents and keep the skin smooth and glowing. There are even oil-free moisturizers that are especially good for oily skin.
  4. Some cosmetics also come loaded with a number of vitamins like A, D, E and K. These cosmetics boost the health of the skin and hair.
  5. Cosmetics like deodorants and perfumes can help fight body odor and make one feel fresh. Cosmetics like shampoos keep the hair silky and smooth.
  6. Pimples and other blemishes can be hidden using certain cosmetics. Popularly known as concealers, they can be used to hide dark spots and dark circles under the eyes. Other skin conditions like hyperpigmentation and rosacea can also be concealed with cosmetics. Cosmetics like anti-aging creams can be used to hide and partially reverse the signs of aging like wrinkles.
  7. Cosmetics can protect the skin from unfavorable natural elements. It can save the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun, thus minimizing the risk of skin cancer. Actors wear cosmetics to protect the skin from harsh, bright stage lights. Cosmetics can also protect the skin from the harsh cold.
  8. According to a recent report, certain cosmetic products are introduced in the markets that are designed to give psychological benefits. Such cosmetics contain mood enhancers to confer positive moods and also improve sleep quality.
  9. Organic cosmetics provide the most number of benefits. These beauty enhancers are not made of artificial ingredients and so they do not cause any side effects. Since they are 100% natural, they form a perfect balance with the skin.

Surprised by the number of advantages that cosmetics provide us with? For those who already are in love with cosmetics, you have all the more reason to indulge in the same.

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