Which is the Bigger Cat in Cheetah vs Leopard

Which is the Bigger Cat in Cheetah vs Leopard

Cheetah vs Leopard: Where do they live?

When comparing the living habitats of the cheetah vs leopard, it is good to take note of the fact that they are both found in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Leopards are an endangered species in the northern region of Asia compared to any other parts of the world where they are found. If you wish to see cheetahs, you should look for them in prairies, semi-deserts, and thick bushes in addition to large expanses of dry land. Leopards, on the other hand, tend to prefer grasslands, river forests, and woodlands. Cheetahs love places where there is a large presence of prey.

Human Interaction of Cheetah vs Leopard

When comparing the level of human interaction of the cheetah vs leopard, you will notice that they both try to keep away from any interaction with humans as they can. Leopards may only attack humans when they are sick thus unable to fend for their own food. In India, there are cases of two leopards, which ended up killing more than 500 people between them. Cheetahs are not known as man-eaters but there are several cases of leopards that started attacking and eating people. Such leopards are never afraid to enter human surroundings while searching for prey.

The one similarity that leopards and cheetahs share is that, if left alone, they tend to live with humans in relative peace. It is only when they start eating or killing human livestock that people are forced to stand up against them. This act leaves the big cats and humans on two antagonistic sides thus affecting their ability to live in harmony. Studies show that cheetahs rarely eat any of the domesticated animals owned by humans, but because people still attack them precisely for this reason, is an indication that very few believe this, and many end up blaming the animals.

Similarities in Conservation Status of Cheetah vs Leopard

When looking at the conservation status of a cheetah vs leopards, you will notice that the former is described as vulnerable species with the latter being labeled as near threatened. The number of cheetahs still found in the wild, around Africa and Asia, is put at around 12,400 while that of leopards is at close to 50,000. There are fewer cheetahs than leopards because their young ones are killed by lions and hyenas a lot to reduce competition for food. The genetic diversity of the cheetahs is also quite low, and this attribute eventually causes too many birth defects on them.

The cheetah vs leopard battle takes another interesting dimension when talking about the issue of their lifespan. Leopards are generally known to live for periods ranging from 12-17 years while cheetahs take up to 8-10 years in the wild. Both animals live for longer when in captivity where cheetahs can live for close to 17 years with leopards living for roughly 21 years if they are captured. Cheetahs love to breed during the dry season while with leopards this takes place during the entire course of the year. Leopards do not take a break from mating during the year.

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