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Cheetah Breaks Speed Record

Cheetah Breaks Speed Record

Cheetah Break Speed Record: Which Record Was Broken?

Perhaps, when someone reads that cheetah breaks speed record, they would think first of the records which exist in the animal world, especially the wild ones. However, the record being spoken of here is the one which was set by none other than the fastest human being on the earth. This record was set by Usain Bolt and currently stands at 9.58 seconds which was run over 100 meters.  The human record, which many people think will stand for a long time, was smashed into pieces by the cheetah, which set it at 5.95 seconds over the same 100 meters distance.

Which Cheetah Breaks Speed Record?

When it was announced that the cheetah breaks the speed record, most people wanted to know where this happened and the name of the cheetah responsible for this feat. The cheetah called Sarah and she managed this great feat on track which is certified by the US track and field body. The pictures, or video, were taken by National Geographic and offer clear proof of this unimaginable feat. To put this into perspective, it has taken mankind many decades to break the 9.58-second mark. This shows that the cheetah is able to run twice as fast as the fastest man on the planet.

Cheetah Breaks Speed Record: Where Did It Take Place?

The news flash indicating that cheetah breaks speed record is of an event that occurred recently on June 20, 2012, in the US. This phenomenal event can be put into perspective by the fact that it has never been attempted in the past. While humans have always known and labeled cheetahs as the fastest mammals on earth, placing the cheetah on the track to race, and then timing the animal, has never been successfully attempted in the past. This feat was tried out using some great innovations by the people that had to take part in raising Sarah the cheetah over the years.

Several cheetahs were placed at the back of some zoo vans and then released to chase down toy dogs down the track. It was during one of these sessions, which provided these animals with great moments of fun, that it was reported that cheetah breaks speed record. Most of the cheetahs had run over a period of time but were not yet tired. The fact that the cheetahs used here were from the zoo, led many people to imagine what the speeds run by these animals in the wild really are. However, it is a fact that not all cheetahs can manage these record-breaking speeds.

Can Any Cheetah Break Speed Record

The exercise which led to news that cheetah breaks speed record was greeted by a lot of interest by several parties. The main issue people were interested in learning was whether this feat was managed by all the cheetahs which took part in this exercise, or not. The truth is that there are some cheetahs that ran 9.97 seconds, a feat that humans have also managed. This has been attributed to lack of interest, mood swings, or several distractions. It is also a fact that some cheetahs are better runners than their colleagues. Not all cheetahs can run this fast, though.

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