4 Cute And Easy Cheerleading Hairstyles

4 Cute And Easy Cheerleading Hairstyles

If you are a cheerleader, you already know how important it is to maintain yourself and portray your best personality on the ground. You are constantly engaged in jumping, cheering, tumbling, bouncing, and dancing until the last minute of the game.

Thus, you just cannot walk away with perfect cheerleading attire and a decent amount of makeup alone to look attractive and striking. Your hair, too, needs to look stunning and simply gorgeous. But it has to be practical at the same time as you cannot repeatedly comb and style your hair amidst spectators and players. Thus, a neat and tidy hairdo is what would help make a difference, allowing you to enjoy your job and look your best, all at the same time. For this, here are some popular hairstyles listed that you as a cheerleader can easily wear, looking hot and comfortable. Go through them in the following lines.


The most popular tried-out and comfortable hairstyle for cheerleaders is the traditional ponytail. Leaving your hair down can cause the follicles to break easily while jumping and bouncing. As such, combing your hair into a neat ponytail can give you a cute yet dynamic look on the ground. This will keep your hair back from falling on your shoulders and breaking instantly.

Go for the classy straight ponytail or try out something sophisticated with braided or twisted versions of a simple ponytail. Add some hair accessories, like a scrunchie, matching ribbon, or a hair bow, for that perfect cheerleader personality.


If a single ponytail is one of the most popular cheerleading hairstyles, pigtails are equally classy and fashionable. You can either opt for the traditional high pigtails on both sides with loose curls or choose to go modern with low ponytails grasped lower on either side of the head. Or for a more creative look, divide your hair in a zigzag partition or crisscross from one side to the other, giving you a different and unique look. Wear accessories to complete your hair and add oomph to your overall attire.

Ballerina Buns

If you have naturally healthy and lustrous hair, tie up your hair into a simple or extravagant ballerina bun. But before you go ahead with making that perfect cheerleader bun, make sure that you condition your hair with a good hair styling product. Henceforth, you have a number of bun styles to try out, right from the messy one to the polished version. Secure your locks with bobby pins and test your bun at home before heading to the sports ground, lest the bun opens free and you get entangled in your own tresses. For a trendy and cool appearance, leave some bangs free-flowing or pin them up to the side with groovy hairpins.

Half-Up Half-Down Hairdo

If you do not wish to tie up all your hair into a simple ponytail, then a half-up half-down hairstyle is your perfect take. Not only will it make you pleasingly pretty, but would give you a voguish appearance as well. Tie some strands from your front side into thin ponytails or simply pin them up back, and let loose the rest of your hair on your shoulders.

This form of hairstyle looks good not only with straight hair but also on curly tresses. You can either follow the same process with straight hair or create some flowing curls and pin them up on the hair back. For a more attractive and stunning style, experiment with your hair using your imagination and creativity.

No matter whatever cheerleading Hairstyles you choose, ensure that it gives you a flattering and admiring look. Go ahead and perfect your dress with one of these cute and easy cheerleading hairstyles!

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