Black Bears Can Count

Black Bears Can “Count”

Is It True That Black Bears Can Count?

A recent study was carried out, and it showed that black bears can count, just as well as all other primates. This study was organized to show whether the animals could count dots on an image in addition to being able to perform various numerical exercises placed before them. Although this may appear obvious to many people coming across this information for the first time, the interest is due to the inability of scientists to carry out research on the cognitive abilities of these types of animals. This has led to a lot of interest by people interested in these animals.

Black Bears Can Count: What Does This Mean?

There are several conclusions that have been arrived at ever since it was discovered that black bears can count. These animals are generally motivated to work when they know that the reward is food. This means they can perform any task placed before them, including counting; when they realize that the result is that they will get to eat. Black bears, like all other types of bears, take their food very seriously. The research which was used to determine if black bears can count was organized to reward successful bears with food, and many of them were quite prosperous.

Black Bears Can Count: Can They Count in the Wild?

Whereas it is true that the research which showed that black bears can count was organized with tamed animals, this has led to questions about whether they can perform the same task in the wild. The truth is that scientists believe that these abilities might have been developed over time and have been enhanced through evolution. This means that most black bears are naturally inclined to count or perform other duties, which call on the use of their cognitive abilities. One of the bears used for this experiment, displayed extra skills thus showing that they do this a lot.

The findings which showed that clack bears can count also offered proof to the fact that they can be discriminated against as well on numbers which they think do not favor them. The researchers tried to confuse one of the bears with sets of different images but the animal still chose the correct image, time after time. Even where the images were interchanged a lot, the bear could not be convinced to choose any other set of images, or numbers, than what it knew to be the right one. This observation made the researchers conclude fully that the black bear possesses this ability.

The results which showed that black bears can count mostly relied on the sense of sight of these animals. The downside is that bears are not known for their high ability in this regard, as they use their sense of smell more than any other. All the decisions made by the bears, especially those found in the wild, are done using their nostrils. It is believed that if the tests were to be carried where the bears are asked to count using their highly effective sense of smell it is likely that the results would be even more impressive than what has been noted, thus far.

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