5 Amazing Birthday Games. Have Fun at the Birthday Party

Fun Birthday Games

Birthdays mostly come once every 365 days (except for the unfortunate leap year cases!). This is the one day when a person is given the limelight and is made to feel like the most special person in the world. Arranging a birthday party or throwing a surprise birthday bash is a good way to celebrate one’s birthday. Along with the traditional cake, you could throw a theme party with some fun birthday games.

If you want some interesting ideas on themes for a birthday party, then there are plenty on other pages of this web portal. However, if you are looking for some information on fun games to be played at a birthday bash, then stay glued to this page.

Getting all the guests to be involved in the party and breaking the ice is a daunting task by itself. Fun and frolic through games usually serve to solve the above situations effectively. Read on below for more ideas on birthday party games. 

Birthday Party Games 


All you need to play this game is a whiteboard and a marker. Divide the group into two. And choose one candidate from a particular team. Give a word or a phrase or even a song title. The candidate has to depict the particular word/phrase to his/her group mates by drawing it on the whiteboard. An example will make it clearer to understand.

If the candidate has been given a word like “Jurassic Park” then he/she has to draw a rough sketch of a dinosaur to make the group understand that. Setting a time limit and keeping different levels in this game will make the competition more fun and enjoyable. 

Dumb Charades

Dumb Charades, as the name suggests, are enacting without speaking a word. The rules of the game are similar to that of Pictionary. It is fun when the person is a bad actor and the crowd fails to guess the word or the phrase. Dumb charades are by far the most popular game amongst all age groups. 

Pin the Donkey

All you need for this game are some enthusiastic kids, a cloth to blindfold, and a cut-out of a donkey’s face. The aim of the game is to pin the donkey’s nose. But the trick lies in doing it blindfolded! A certain distance is maintained and the cut-out of the nose is in the player’s hand.

He has to walk up to the donkey’s face and pin it without looking! If you don’t want to use a donkey, any other animal is fine. For example, you can use “Pin The Monkey’s Tail”. Sounds easy, right? Why don’t you try it and ‘see’ for yourself!  

Musical Chairs

What can excite you more than mindlessly running around chairs while your favorite music plays nearby? “Musical Chairs” is a fun and exciting way to entertain the kids (and sometimes even elders!) during a birthday party. In this game, music is played in the background, and chairs are alternately faced. There is one less chair than the number of players.

When the music stops, the members of the play are required to quickly sit on the chair near them. The last one standing leaves the game. It carries on until the winner is announced. 

Passing The Parcel

In this game, the music plays in the background while all the members circle up and sit. There is a parcel that can be a pillow or any random thing that is passed around among the members in a circle. The person left with the parcel, when the music stops, gets a punishment.

Give out fun punishments like dancing to a popular song or enacting a scene from a movie and a person once punished leaves the game. The last one still sitting is declared the winner.


Depending upon the age group at hand, bring in necessary changes to the games mentioned above. Have fun at the birthday party! Wish the concerned person ‘happy birthday’ from our team as well!

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