How to Look Like a Bigger Business

How to Look Like a Bigger Business than You Actually Are

While bigger doesn’t always mean better – for example, many prefer having smaller Smartphones – there certainly are some benefits to projecting considerable size. In some more mundane cases, this often involves forcing threats to leave you alone.

In the context of business, however, it’s a little different. Being bigger means projecting a more confident and professional image than your competition. Being bigger means you’re more successful at running a business because, these days, practically anyone can have a start-up (but not everyone can sustain it long enough to make it look big). This is why despite the value many of us put on small businesses today, many modestly-sized organizations often try to seem more sizable.

Of course, looking bigger as a business is easier said than done. If you, say, run your company by your lonesome or with only a small group of people, it’s difficult to seem big – bigger organizations tend to have more people, after all. Thankfully, just as setting up a business has become easier over the years, projecting a larger presence has become less challenging as well.

Here are some things you can do to make your business look bigger:

Invest in a toll-free number and advanced phone system

VoIP and cloud-based telephone systems (like RingCentral) have not only made it possible for people to speak to each other from anywhere, at any time, for a modest price; they’ve also given small business owners access to virtual numbers for business as well as advanced functionality. That means that, if you so wish, you can choose to have a local number, an 800 number, or a vanity number for your company.

If you want to look bigger, then having the 800 phone number or vanity number works because they are still perceived as expensive to maintain, and thus more commonly used by more stable money-earners. With a virtual phone system, you don’t need to suffer through the ridiculous expenses, and you’ll have all the phone features you need to keep up with the sheer number of calls you are likely to get with that number. You’ll seem more organized, more professional, and more long-lasting than the competition.

Have lots of mailing addresses

If you really want to look like you’re a business that’s made it big, you have to seem like you’re doing exactly what a successful company is supposed to do. More often than not, this involves creating the illusion of expansion. And one of the best ways to make it look as if you’re in the process of major expansion is to set up several different mailing addresses.

You don’t even need to actually set up offices in different locations to do this. Just have colleagues, friends, family members, or even a mailbox service help you set up a mailing address for different areas of the state or country. With multiple mailboxes, you project an image of major growth.


When you make your business highly specialized, you can narrow down the number of industry events you need to attend. In doing that, you create for yourself an opportunity to cultivate expertise in a certain aspect of business – that kind of authority can make you seem larger than life to most customers.

More importantly, however, it makes you consistently visible to the industry leaders. If they always see you, then they will conclude that you and your business must be a big success. That, in turn, will make them talk about your company as if it were large.

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