10 Best Trendy Short Layered Haircuts

10 Best Trendy Short Layered Haircuts

Chopping off those long tresses of difficult-to-manage hair is what you should do this time around. Long hair never goes out of fashion but trying out a short hairstyle can definitely be a bold step toward change – a change that can make many heads turn.

Many women are usually hesitant to sport short hair as they never really know how to style it. But there are a wide variety of options, using which you can either give yourself a flirty and young look or even have a grownup and/or professional get-up, with a short layered hairstyle. It’s easy to maintain too and dries faster! Be more playful and give your hair a multidimensional look with some short layers.

It’s time to get over the usual habits and change the style and, if needed, the stylist too. Go through the article to see what kind of short layered hairstyles you can opt for and be ready to feel about ten years younger!

Trendy Short Layered Haircuts

A few popular short layered haircuts and hairstyles are discussed below. Before you pick one, keep in mind the shape of your face and accordingly, decide how short you should go. If your face is petite then layered bobs and bangs work well while strong cheekbones and squared jaws can be given a very dramatic look by short layers. It’s a bold step, so discuss it thoroughly with your hairstylist.

The Short Layered Bob

This is a simple bob layered haircut, with many layers to it. The heavy layering gives the hair a full and bouncy look. Adding color, with highlights and lowlights, to the layers helps distinguish between the layers and enhances the overall effect of the hairstyle. The short layered bob is very simple to style. Just a wash is all you need and you are ready to go. But sometimes, a neat blow dry with some styling gel can give more texture to the hairstyle, maximizing the effect.

Spiky Short Layered Hairstyle

If you dare to go really short with your haircut, the spiky short layered hairstyle is something you could consider. The bottom layers are short while the ones on top are longer in order to create the spikes. It is a very edgy and hip hairstyle but styling this cut every day can be a tedious task. You would need styling gels or mousses to spike the hair.

Even though the hairstyle is short it gives height to the frame. Women usually dread going so short because they prefer hiding their flaws and plumpness behind the long tresses, and the long front spikes in this short hairstyle also serve that purpose. Flamboyant colors on the spikes can create a very chic effect.

Longer In Front

The longer front hairstyle only creates an illusion of you having longer hair while it is actually reasonably short from the back. The longer layers frame the face quite well while the short hair at the back makes it easy to maintain. It’s like having the best of both long hair and short hair, and it is a very stylish and trendy hairstyle.

Short Cut With Long Bangs

This hairstyle is slightly similar to the previous hairstyle but the focus lies on the neatly swept aside bangs. The hair is very short at the back and it is slicked back, while the bangs are styled and blow-dried well to grab the attention. The hairstyle has a more elegant feel to it because of the straight scissor used but the ‘longer in front cut’ uses a vertical snipping. This is where the major difference arises.

Short Curly HairStyle

A short layered look is ideal for naturally curly hair and for women of all ages. Short curly hair is much easier to take care of, and the wild and crazy look it gives makes it all the more fashionable. With these short layers, all you have to do is rub in some moose or hair styling solution to achieve a bouncy and energetic look.

Flipped Out Layers

Very simple layering with two to three layers at the back is perfect for a youthful and cute look. You can blow-dry the layers to either flip out or flip in for a different look. These flipped layers are easy to take care of and go well with a nice fringe in front.

Blunt Layers

The blunt layers are cut quite harshly using vertical snips. It is more of an out-of-bed or messy hairstyle that can be carried off by women with the right poise and attitude. It is a very edgy hairdo and looks best when the hair is of a solid color. The harshness of the cut can otherwise be diverted by the soft highlights. An eyebrow-length blunt fringe completes the look.

Lady’s Mullet

This is a very unconventional kind of hairstyle. The hair is very short at the front resembling a man’s mane, and the long tresses at the back are very ladylike. Usually, this is a style more common in men but the brave women of today can carry the mullet off quite well too. If it is something very different you want to carry off, the lady’s mullet is the hairstyle for you.

Victoria Beckham Haircut

As it is popularly known, the Victoria Beckham haircut has been a hot favorite. The front bangs are asymmetrical by being longer on the left, reaching till the chin.  And from the back, the extremely short hairstyle is graduated up and looks very different. 

These were some of the trendy short-layered haircuts. Although every style is short and layered, they are all different from each other. At least, one of the styles must have enticed you to get rid of the locks without feeling guilty. The nearest salon is where you have to go next!

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