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4 Best Physiotherapy Exercises – Effective Stress Buster

4 Best Physiotherapy Exercises

Are you suffering from muscle and joint pains, backache, and tired shoulders? Do you want to loosen up all your muscles, tissues, and nerves? Then physiotherapy exercise is the best option that you can go for. Physiotherapy exercises are not like rigorous workouts. They are basically light exercises that concentrate on relieving pain by working on the muscles and tissues, loosening them up, and providing much-needed relief.

Regular physiotherapy exercise is said to strengthen the muscle and joints, thus minimizing the risk of cramps and pull. Thus, these exercises are widely used in the treatment of arthritis and other orthopedic disorders, and sport-related injuries. Another advantage is that such exercises are hassle-free and do not require any type of equipment or space. So, these exercises can be performed at the workplace too and can be used as an effective stress buster. The exercises will not only keep you in top shape but also leave you energized. Go through the various physiotherapy exercises given below to know more.

Physiotherapy Workouts 

For the Shoulder

  • Stand straight with the feet apart. Then bring one arm straight in front of you as if you are pointing someone. Then keeping the arm straight lift it up. Slowly put the arm down. Repeat for the other arm.
  • Stand straight and keep the arms by your side. Now, slide the back of your hand of one arm slowly up the back to touch the shoulder blade of the opposite arm. Hold this position for ten seconds and then slowly bring the hand down. Do this for the other arm.
  • Bend your arms at the elbows at ninety degrees. Make sure that the elbows touch the sides of the body. Turn each arm at the side, outwards while the elbows are placed against the body. Keep this position for ten seconds and then slowly bring back to the original position.

For the Neck

  • Keep the eyes at a normal level and over the head back slowly so that you look straight at the roof. Keep this position for five seconds and then slowly bring the head to the original position. Then slowly move the head down so that you look at the floor. After five seconds bring the head to the former position.
  • Now turn the heat to the right so that you look straight in line with the shoulder. After five seconds relax the head to the original position and then turn to the left. Hold for five seconds and then bring back the head straight.

For The Foot

  • Sit in a chair and raise all the toes, and then curl them. Then with the toes try to write the 1 to 10 digits in the air. You can also pick up things like pencils, towels with your toes. You can also try to stand on the tip of your toes for five seconds.
  • Another physiotherapy exercise for the foot is to insert the big toes in a rubber band and keep them stretched for ten seconds.

For The Back

  • Lie down on your back keeping both legs straight. Bring the left knee up and holding it, bring the knee towards the chest. You should feel the stretch on your back. Hold this position for ten seconds and then relax. Do the same for the right leg.
  • Now while lying on the floor, bend the knees up while keeping the feet flat on the floor. Arch your back by tilting the hip backward without force. After arching the back, relax, and then keeping the bottom on the floor tilt the hips forward.

To relieve your tired nerves or treat a pulled muscle the best solution is physiotherapy exercises. The exercises given above are rejuvenating and can de-stress the body and mind.

Cover Photo by Raphael Lovaski on Unsplash

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