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6 Best Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care

6 Best Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care

Are you at that stage in life where you find it frightening to look at the mirror? Does the mirror remind you of your former glory? If yes, then you are in good company with a million others. What you see is the rapid aging of your skin, not the normal graceful aging. It is the fast and the furious decline, with warts and all, and a daily reminder of the finish line.

You might even be in your late 20s or 30s, rudely awakened one day by some faded spots or dark circles under your eyes or even wrinkles. You thought that that the signs of aging come only late in life. You, correctly, realize that this is a myth as these signs are staring back at you from the mirror even before you can be considered middle-aged.

A sinking feeling is natural; however, help is at hand. For all those who want to stop the signs of aging from progressing any further, you need not rely on anti-aging products available in the market anymore. More potent help can be sought in form of home remedies. They are effective, cheap and, as you continue reading the article, you will find that they are very hassle-free and less time-consuming. Adopt the tips given below and the signs of aging will be the least of your worries.

Facial Oil

It is the face that is the billboard of your health and it is there that the first signs of aging, like fine lines, dark spots, and dark under-eye circles, would be visible. To avoid this, you should regularly apply facial oil. It is easy to make this at home.

Just take 50g each of rose petals, marigold petals, and chamomile flowers in an airtight jar and lightly crush them. Then add 250 ml of olive oil. Close the lid and store it in a warm dry place for 2 to 3 weeks, shaking the jar occasionally. After this, strain the contents and bottle the oil. Apply this concoction to the face 3 to 4 times a week. You will soon find your face glowing with no signs of any blemishes.

Body Oil

A day at the spa is not only relaxing; it also fortifies the body and mind, particularly the skin. The open secret of spas is that they use a combination of essential oils that can penetrate the skin and boost their health. So, why not do this at home!

It’s no fuss at all, you just need to get your hands on a few essential oils and apply them to your skin every other day. An effective anti-aging recipe using essential oils is to take 5 drops each of sandalwood and grapefruit essential oil in a small bottle. Now, add 3 drops of tangerine essential oil, 10 drops of vitamin E, and 30 ml each of avocado and olive oil.

Mix the contents and apply it all over the body. The essential oils make the skin soft and supple and reduce wrinkles while the avocado oil penetrates the skin and boosts its strength.

Wrinkle Cream

Wrinkles and sagging skin are the most disturbing signs of aging. They occur when the skin loses its firmness as it cannot produce collagen. The frightening thing is that these can affect even young people. So, your youth is no security against wrinkles. If you want to keep your skin firm and strong then you must provide it with nutrients. Easy help is at hand.

In a bowl, take 2 drops each of apricot and sesame oil. Add 1 tbsp of cocoa butter and ½ tbsp of dark organic honey. Mix together and apply this on your face, neck, hands, and legs. Leave for 10 to 15 minutes. Do this 3 times a week and you will have more chances of keeping aging at bay.


Facemask is the best weapon you have against aging and it can give you the strength to face the mirror. If you apply facemask regularly then eyesores like dark spots, crow feet, and sagging skin can very well be a thing of the past. But for this to happen, you need the right anti-aging facemask that has all the required ingredients to tighten and nourish your facial skin.

A potent anti-aging facemask can be made by mixing 2 tsp of plain yogurt with ½ tsp each of honey and lemon juice. Add the contents of 3 vitamin E capsules to this concoction and mix thoroughly. Apply this on your face and leave it for 15 minutes and then rinse. This face mask will keep your facial skin firm and hydrated.

Additional Remedies

  • You can effectively bid adieu to fine lines, age spots, and other blemishes with lemons. Slice the lemon and apply the juice on your face. Even better, drink loads of lemon juice to keep the skin hydrated and nourished.
  • You may already know the wonderful health benefits of turmeric. It is a very good anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent which keeps skin healthy and strong. Grind whole, raw turmeric, add sugarcane juice to it, and form a paste. Apply this paste on your hands, face, and legs and rinse off after 15 minutes. In addition to controlling wrinkles, it will also give you glowing skin.
  • To improve the texture of your skin and for removing dead skin cells, nothing is more potent in your anti-aging arsenal than milk. Every night, before you go to bed, wash your face with a little milk. You will see the difference in a few days.
  • A tomato mask is also very effective in eliminating the signs of aging. Mash two ripe tomatoes and apply the pulp on your face. Rinse after 15 to 20 minutes with lukewarm water.
  •  If you apply castor oil regularly, you will find that your skin has become soft and supple.
  • The most important remedy is, of course, water. Drink plenty of water throughout the day so that the skin stays hydrated. Water also flushes out toxins keeping the skin healthy.

Additional Tips

  • The sun harms the skin more than you can imagine. Too much exposure to the sun hastens the ageing process. But that doesn’t mean that you become a night owl. Remember, the body needs vitamin D. So make a habit of dabbing sunscreen on to your skin at least 20 minutes before you step out in the sun.
  • Use cosmetics as less as possible and make sure to wash them off before going to bed. Too much makeup literally stifles the skin, clogs the pores and causes blemishes and wrinkles. Wash off your makeup at night and let your skin breathe
  • Set up an exercise routine. A healthy body leads to healthy skin. Along with exercise, adopt better eating habits. The skin needs nourishments and a balanced diet will provide it. Also, stop or reduce smoking and alcohol consumption. Nothing harms the skin and hastens the ageing process more than these two vices. 

Seeing the first signs of aging can be quite a shock but with the various tips given above, you can easily control the signs of aging with very little effort and expense. This is indeed a very small price to pay for a youthful life. So, make a few changes in your lifestyle and open the doors to your kitchen for all those ingredients that can be a very effective barrier between you and your age.

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