11 Best Modern Long Hairstyles for Brunettes

11 Best Modern Long Brunette Hairstyles

Color does have a lot to do with how people perceive you. According to the urban dictionary, a brunette is “a person with dark colored hair that is generally really cool and smart and knows a hell of a lot more than blondes”. Don’t know how far that is true but that’s a general opinion people have of brunettes. If just the hair color comes with such notions, a great hairstyle for this rich dark-colored hair can do wonders.

Dark hair always looks very flamboyant and glamorous and people have been resorting to this hair color if they don’t already sport it naturally. Brunette offers a lot of choices in many different hues including chocolate or caramel, and a blend of different shades of brown can look all the better.

A perfect hairstyle for a long-haired brunette can be the icing on the top too. Go through the following section for some amazing hairstyles brunettes can have. Emulate it and stand out in the crowd. 

Long Hairstyles for Brunettes

Although brunettes can carry out the majority of the hairstyles, the face shape and texture of the hair should be taken into consideration too. There are a variety of shades that you can sport according to your skin tone. Getting the right color is the first step in going ahead with the right snip. 

Choosing the Right Color

Fair skin: If you have fairer skin, stick to warmer tones as they help give your face a softening effect. Honey browns, mahogany browns, or even copper browns frame the face well. Golden or red highlights add instant pizzazz with these colors and skin tones. 

Medium skin: Medium skin tones look best in chestnut shades. A hint of golden highlight brings out the bronze in the skin, giving a very sultry feel. 

Dark skin: Those with darker skin tones should opt for the pure brunette look. The rich sable or chocolate brown can give a knockout effect, complementing the skin tone really well. 

Maintaining Color

If you have resorted to your favorite color already then you should also make sure to take care of the hair with the right products or else the color may wash and fade out quite easily. Also, the lighter brunette gets a hint of red when washed out too much. Many brands offer color treatment for a variety of different shades and some offer specific products for maintaining the vibrant and rich shades that brunettes are associated with. The extensive range of treatments for colored hair available makes maintenance easy. 

Face Cuts

Brunettes with delicate face proportions should sport a straighter texture as too many curls and waves can make the face look heavy. Also, lighter shades of the brunette make the face look petite. People with fuller faces should go for longer lengths with more waves and texture, as this gives the face a subdued and rounded look. A darker shade of brown can help soften the angular face. Below are some really different hairstyles for the brunettes which are sure to look fantastic. 

Ombre Trend

You can still be a brunette and have more colors to choose from. You can go for a shaded look, or the ombre trend as it is referred to, with the top head completely brown but with shocking platinum blonde tips. This hairstyle is sure to separate you from the rest of the pack as it creates such a mysterious and sexy edge. 

Two-Toned Strands

Another way of adding more color and different touch to the dark hair is by choosing a lighter shade for the strands coming from behind. Straight hair with a center parting, a dark top, with lighter front strands can create a very edgy look.

Brushed Waves

A perfect blow dry with a side part and light waves can never go wrong with this dark brown colored hair. Alicia Keys is an ideal example of this hairstyle and the oomph she carries it off with gives a double motive to sport this hairstyle. 

One-Sided Curls

You can also give your brown tresses some very large curls using rollers or curling iron. Carrying this dark textured mane on one shoulder can give a very sensuous and sophisticated vibe. 

Half Shaved Hairstyle

The half-shaved hairstyle is a part of British pop culture and is carried off well by the pop star Cher Lloyd. To give the look even more edge, you can curl and sweep the hair to one side and show off both the shaved head and those lovely locks. 

Layers and Highlights

Some chestnut, caramel, or walnut-colored highlights with long layers work well on a brunette. The shades of brown and wispy layers give a very dreamy look, adding to the youthfulness, touchability, and playfulness. 

Brunette to a Redhead

If you are a natural brunette but want a touch of red, the redhead infused look can very dazzling. It seems brown but when it catches the light the redness seems to stand out. The rich, deep mahogany look can make you gorgeous overnight. This look works best with poker straight hair and some edgy bangs.

Loose Curls with Blunt Bangs

If you want the long hair yet compliment it with a blunt look, then some brow grazing choppy bangs and some loose curls can add a lot of flairs. This can give a casual yet dressy look. 

Whether pulled up into a messy bun or left loose, long hair is the best. Adding to the length, the warm brunette tones can look absolutely exotic. Now, with these ideas inspiring you, we say you break the stereotype and go the brunette way!

Cover Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

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