8 Best Modern Hairstyles for Teenagers

8 Best Modern Hairstyles for Teenagers

For luscious curls like Taylor Swift, for a cute perm like Selena Gomez, or colored streaks like Miley Cyrus, all you have to do is decide and get it done! But, as a teenager, this decision must be taken not only according to the facial cut but also your lifestyle, personality, and recent trends.

Since it is believed that girls are more likely to obsess about their locks as compared to boys, the following sections are solely dedicated to fashionable hairstyles for young girls. It is pleasantly ironic that the cooler the haircut, the lesser is the maintenance required and thus, time spent in front of the mirror decreases considerably!

Through basic knowledge, it is known that shorter hairstyles, such as bobs, lend volume while layering depicts length and strength. Depending on whether you have curly or straight hair, opt for a haircut that keeps in mind the texture of your hair, even if it is not the hottest thing in town! Bangs, colors, extensions, weaves, and crimps are extremely ‘in’ this season but selecting a single style and wearing it well is the key.

Teens, such as you, are obviously looking to get a complete hair-makeover and make an impression on all around you! So, read these articles and determine which of these hairstyles you can experiment with. 

The Boho Pony

Want to go to Boho this season? This is an earthy, flirty, and casual yet hip look that is all about showing off your natural hair; no need for any brushing or straightening! For this, secure your hair in a low ponytail. Release a few strands of hair. Tuck them behind your ear. You may wear small flowers to enhance the effect. The best time to sport this hairstyle is when you’re hanging out with your friends! The advantage of the Boho Pony is that it is one of those you-can-do-it-yourself looks that we love!


No prizes for guessing the celebrity who’s wearing the pixie, these days! Emma Watson has always been a benchmark in setting trends for teenagers. If you are inspired by this look then remember, all you need is straight hair and an angular face. This cute hairstyle is meant to highlight your best features. Pixie hair can be sported in any color, with or without streaks, and a fringe. Brownie points for carrying out this dramatic haircut!

Sleek Side Bun

To begin with, condition and nourish your hair because for the sleek side bun, you need locks that are relaxed and flexible. Iron your hair to poker-straight, twist and gather your hair to the side of your head. Make sure you leave the shorter pieces on your forehead. Then tie the rest of your hair in a bun and untangle a few strands. This gives a softer and fuller look. Voila, you are now officially termed ‘the gorgeous girl with a gorgeous hairstyle!’

Bold Curly Bouffant

Voluminous curls, puffy hair, and controlled bangs? Wow, you definitely want to get that look! If you have a small and heart-shaped face then look no further; your Saturday night just got interesting! For the curly bouffant, blow-dry and set curlers on the top of your hair. Leave for about 20 minutes before unwrapping. Use a round brush to smoothen the curls a bit and secure bobby pins on each side (pulling back your bangs). Make sure to scrunch the ends.

Crimped Twist

What’s hot right now is the crimped twist! It can be done at home or by an expert. A young teenage girl is sure to feel a mix of rock and romance with this hairdo. There is no need to have bad hair days on dates, shopping, and parties anymore! For the crimped hairstyle, begin with making a center partition and then roll your hair backward and outward along the hairline. Secure the twist with a pin and leave the rest loose. Repeat with the other side. With the remaining hair, make a bun with more pins.

Sleek Ponytail

If you are tired of letting your hair down then don’t worry because the sleek ponytail is here to stay! This sassy, dramatic, and vivacious look can transform a young girl into a diva. Start with straightening your hair and applying generous amounts of serum. Take the whole bunch of hair and pull it back into a tight and high ponytail. Make a few strokes in the hair to avoid any frizz. This gives the appearance of a sleek and neat hairstyle that can be worn to university or to a dinner party. Now, if only looks could kill…!

Big Bangs

If you are one for keeping up with the raging fashion industry then here’s your best chance to prove it! This hairdo looks perfect on teenagers with straight-wavy hair. It can either be left looking natural or treated to appear a certain way. For this, apply mousse evenly on your locks and tease the hair on the crown of your head. Make sure you leave the bangs free. Secure the rest of it with a clip. The remaining hair can be crimped according to individual taste. The bangs are then swept and smoothened.

Knotted Pigtails

Wondering how to do your hair on a girls’ night out? We suggest you choose an artistic yet flirty look and what better than knotted pigtails. To begin with, spritz your hair in the front and secure it with a hair gel. Split the bulk of your tresses into two and separate them again. Assuming these are shoelaces, twist and tie the hair into knots. Leave it to set and use hairspray. The color of your hair adds depth to this up-do and it would definitely make Paris Hilton proud! 

These are some of the famous hairstyles for teenagers. So, no matter what kind of hair you have – thick or thin, long or short, straight or curly, soft or rough, there is a trend for everyone. Mimicking your favorite celebrity’s hairdo just got a lot easier!

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