8 Best Medium Layered Hairstyles And Haircuts

8 Best Medium Layered Hairstyles And Haircuts

From your favorite celebrities to your neighbor next door, everybody is getting it! Medium layered hair has the advantage of complementing any face type and hair texture. But, how is ‘medium’ defined? Approximately, it is lengths of tresses falling below the shoulders and above the hip.

The goodness of layers with bangs in medium hair enhances facial features and sex appeal! Layers in the hair are created to give a flattering, elegant, versatile, soft, or edgy look, depending on your preferences. Ranging from the likes of singer Cheryl Cole’s red medium-length locks to Blake Lively’s choppy hairdos in Gossip Girl, it can be safely said that this trend is currently in vogue-fact being that it was never out of style.

If you want to incorporate a newer, fuller, and bolder look then it is time to experience the magic of a simple haircut. Most women with long hair are hesitant in choosing medium layers as they believe that this hairstyle reduces the strength and volume of their precious locks.

This is untrue as medium-length hair not only makes hair look more voluminous, it is also much easier to maintain. This length of hair can be streaked, colored, highlighted, dyed, curled, or straightened for a desired look. Following is a peek-a-boo at the variety of medium layered hairstyles that you can choose from. 

Wavy Hair With Wispy Bangs

The cute, Reese Witherspoon is the ultimate fashionista who shows off her blonde locks with elegance and style! Wavy hair with long, wispy, and light bangs is best suited for the heart-to-oval face types. If you have straight hair then apply hot curlers to the ends and, on removal, brush out. Keep your bangs long and straight, covering one side of your forehead! The loose strands of hair help in concealing the most protruding parts of the face, i.e. the cheekbones.

Side Parted Medium Hair

If you have short-medium hair then we suggest you side partition your hair for a beautiful yet stylish hairdo. Have you watched the television show, Glee? If yes, then we’re talking of Emma’s (Jayma Mays) lovely ginger-red tresses. In this hairdo, waves are created throughout the hair, and gel is smoothed to keep it in place. After most of the hair is taken to one side, bobby pins are used to secure the hair behind the ear. This hairstyle is perfect for a date or romantic dinner.

Choppy Layers and Straight Bangs

Are you more of an edgy, bold, and funky girl? Then a precisely chopped and jagged layered look with poker-straight hair is your game! This looks best on women with sharp features and medium hair with a small oval, heart, or diamond-shaped face. To begin with, the hair needs to be blow-dried before flattening with iron while a long and thick fringe gives structure to the tresses. It can be worn to a girls’ night out or on a flirty summer afternoon.

Full Bangs

The young girls of Hollywood – Rachel Bilson, Jessica Alba, and Selena Gomez – all swear by the full and lush bangs look! This schoolgirl haircut was popularized in the early 2000s and has come out victorious enough to survive till 2011. For best results, you need to keep your bangs volumized and long, and your hair either blunt or layered. This style works well for women with an oval to oblong face. If you are coloring your locks then add lighter shades, preferably ombre, for more depth.

Straight Layered Hair

Paris Hilton’s younger sister, Nicky Hilton, has created ripples in the fashion industry with her typical straight layered hair. This no-nonsense sleek look can be teamed with a black dress for a super sophisticated look. For this, part your hair in the center, apply straightening balm, and blow-dry. Straighten your hair using iron and smoothen with serum. This is a nice and slick way to style your chic hair! Best worn to a prestigious event or a dinner date, this look is best suited for women with long faces.

Medium Length Bobs

You don’t always need curls to get volume. A layered bob can also hold you responsible for being the center of attraction! An evenly dyed hair color and a beautifully round to oval face can carry a medium-length bob very well. Using a large rounded brush, sail comb through the hair and open every strand out. A small fringe is recommended to avoid a ‘helmet head’. What is important is the texture of your hair and making sure to keep it trendy!

Messy Layered Hair

Have you ever thought that Jessica Biel sported the most gorgeous hairdos? Here’s why! The tousled and messy, out-of-bed look is the one thing that can sweep anybody off their feet. This not-so-perfect, yet perfectly lovely, style can be created at home.

First, start with crimping the majority of your tresses. Take out a large section of your hair and make a bun at the back of your head. Pull the rest of the hair behind your ear and secure it with hairpins. Release a few strands for a sexy look and Voila! This hairstyle suits all face types.

Prom Hairstyle

Prom hair goes well with Eva Longoria, don’t you think so? If you are a fan of this celebrity and have everything it takes then we have a simple do-it-yourself to her tresses! To begin with, make a partition in the center of the hair. Do not blow-dry as this dehydrates the hair further. You must remember that a prom hairdo is sophisticated and neat. Make prominent waves in the lower half and middle of the hair. Repeat this throughout the hair without making tight curls. 

Some of the best trends in hairstyles are created with medium layers. The several benefits of this kind of hair include versatility, easy maintenance, and the obvious oomph that comes with it. If you have found your dream hairdo then go ahead and get it!

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