5 Best Kitchen Decorating Theme Ideas

5 Best Kitchen Decorating Theme Ideas

Want your wife to cook more delicious and gorgeous food for you? Create a kitchen that exudes passion and leaves your wife spellbound at the sight of a beautiful and spectacular kitchen. But that’s not so easy. With so many options to choose from for a kitchen theme, you are sure to be confused to pick the best amongst the best. Plus, selecting a theme that will suit and complement the entire décor of the home makes you all the more overwhelmed.

But since a kitchen is the focal point of any home, it should be given the right changes to freshen up the atmosphere. Listed here are some kitchen decorating themes and ideas that will help you design your dream kitchen within your budget. So, no matter how small or large is your kitchen, you and your wife can enjoy cooking together with deep interest. Take your pick!  

Kitchen Decorating Themes

Farmhouse Theme If you wish to create a kitchen that exudes simplicity and is extremely down to earth, then consider remodeling it with a farmhouse theme. Remodel the kitchen counters with unfinished wood to create that large, open rustic feel of a farmhouse. Leave the space below the counters open instead of adding cabinets. Use the visible space for storing meat bar stools, copper or cast iron pots, or clay or porcelain dinnerware.

For the flooring, go for unfinished planked floors, while for the sink, you can choose from a vintage steel sink or washbasin. Complete your farmhouse landscape with dried floral bouquets or simply decorate branch cuttings in a pretty vase.  

French Country Theme

For a kitchen to reveal warmth and coziness, a French country theme is an ideal choice. Paint the walls in pink with a butter shade of yellow. The ceiling can be coated in off-white and stucco textured colors. Hang weathered and stained cabinets and display copper cookware. Decorate the kitchen floor with terracotta tiles. Use an earthy granite material as the kitchen countertop. Complete the look by adding a few wrought iron chairs and a chandelier.  

Mexican Theme

Add some fun and liveliness to your kitchen by refurbishing it in a Mexican theme. This theme talks of bright and sparkling colors. Thus, use warm colors like red, orange, and yellow to paint the walls. Pick up mixed painted tiles for the countertop. Alternatively, mosaic tiles will also look great. Give a warm and traditional Mexican look to the floor as well with terracotta tiles.

The furniture should be rusted; thus, pick up painted wooden furniture that is embellished with iron hardware. And if you think that these warm accents are giving a bold look, lighten and balance off with a copper sink and copper stove hoods. Place some decorative food items in a basket and either settle them on the table or hang it close to the wall.  

Fruit Theme

Let your kitchen speak out health and fitness by itself through a fruity theme. Especially if you want to renovate your kitchen on a budget, this theme is the best option. Paint the walls in colors of fruits, such as orange, yellow, pink, or green. Instead, you can also use wallpapers of mixed fruit themes on them. Cover the table with a fruit-laden table cloth and place wedge-shaped mats with mixed fruit stickers to complete the décor.

For the rest of the fruity decoration, use a grape cookie jar, apple cups, and saucers, watermelon dinnerware set, mango wall clock, mixed fruit wall plaque, and strawberry stained glass panel. Whether you wish to stick to a single fruit or use the entire fruit dictionary to decorate your kitchen with, the choice is entirely yours.  

Italian Theme

It is the charm and function that is making Italian themes popular in kitchen décor. With a perfect combo of traditional rustic décor and contemporary design, an Italian theme can churn out delicious recipes in no time. Have unlacquered wooden surfaces for the flooring while the cabinets, countertops, and tables can be beautified with earth tones, whether deep or light.

Picture tiles would be great for the walls with images of fruits, herbs, or other items resembling Italian cooking. Since it is Italian, do not miss out to store bottles of olive oil, jars of peppers, sacks of flour, decorative containers, cutting boards, and wine racks.   Pick up a theme that suits your home décor and budget. Bring home the elements of true cooking, and lavish and mouth-watering delicacies will just be a step away from your room.

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