6 Best Home Remedies For Treating Cystic Acne

6 Best Home Remedies For Treating Cystic Acne

Cystic acne is brutal acne characterized by the presence of large and swollen bumps under the skin, particularly on the face and occasionally on the shoulders and back too. This acne is usually pus-filled and is hard and disgusting to pop! The color of cystic acne ranges from red to brownish to pinkish depending on the severity of the condition.

The desperation in removing cystic acne is understandable due to the unpleasantness and pain that it causes. If removed wrongly, there is a chance of scars forming and reminding you for a long time that you had cystic acne once upon a time! Acne is caused due to excessive accumulation of dirt, oil, and bacteria that lead to cyst formation and hence the term ‘cystic acne’.

Visiting a dermatologist can prove helpful in the case of stubborn pimples. But wait, before you head to the nearest dermatologist, read through the sections below to learn a few simple home remedies that will not only help you get rid of this malady for good but will also help you save a few bucks that you will have to spend on the doctor and subsequent medication.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice seems to be the solution to a lot of problems these days and applying lemon juice to the affected area helps because it removes the oil from the skin and swelling around the affected area. Wash the affected areas after 15 minutes and repeat this treatment twice a week for good results.

Stress Less

Stress will only cause more acne or make the existing ones worse! You can relieve stress by indulging in yoga, relaxation, meditation, and exercise. Do this for about 10-20 minutes each day and watch your pimples vanish!


The basic reason for cystic acne is dirt and grease that collects on the pores of your face. Washing your face daily with an oil-free cleanser, toning it with an oil-free toner, and moisturizing it will definitely be the best solution for removing the grime. Never moisturize without washing your face first as it makes the situation worse. Do this daily.

Face Mask of Gram Flour and Milk

To make this oil control mask, take 1 tablespoon of gram flour and form a paste out of it by mixing it with milk. You can add a pinch of turmeric powder to this mix as well. Apply this mask to the affected area and keep it on for 15 minutes. Wash off with water and massage the skin carefully without rupturing any of the pimples. This method also lightens scars from previous acne.


Apply a little toothpaste on the cystic acne before you go to bed each night. You will notice that the swelling has reduced noticeably when you wake up in the morning.

Zap The Zit!

This requires risk and guts to perform! So, if you are ready, then go for it as it is the fastest way to remove the aggravating zit. Steam your face and with the help of your thumb fingers hold the pimple (blackhead or whitehead) firmly. Slowly press from the sides and let the pus ooze out. Do this till it has completely drained and then clean with a wet piece of cotton.

Never force anything out unless it is ripe enough to burst. Also, remember not to let your infected fingers touch any other part of your face, or else new zits will appear there!

These are some of the basic home remedies to get rid of cystic acne other than eating healthy and drinking lots of water! If the acne refuses to budge even after trying out these home remedies, you can visit the dermatologist for a thorough examination and treatment.

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