8 Best Exercises To Burn Fat Fast

8 Best Exercises To Burn Fat Fast


Long gone are the days when plump women were considered beautiful. Modern notions of feminine beauty are dominated by an understanding that feminine beauty has all to do with an hourglass figure and that being fat amounts to being (in less than polite terms) ugly.

As far as men are concerned, well, it would be quite interesting to note that even men with potbellies were barely considered ‘hot’. With the modern fashion industry fuelling it on, a healthy look is one that is bereft of all fats. So, whether you like it or not, you would do yourself some good if you manage to keep any sign of fat off from your body.

However, one thing that is going around and is actually true is that fat does not help all that much at prolonging your life or making it any better. Studies have repeatedly shown that people who are prone to accumulating fat on their bodies are also more prone to illnesses and diseases, especially of the heart. Therefore, whatever your reasons might be, it would be a very good idea to look into this list of exercises and siphon off extra fat.

Fat Burning Exercise

When it comes to losing excess fat, the thing that puts off most people is the thought of all those physical exercises. To be upfront, this list is no different. All these exercises require some sweating (literally). But then, the path to glory is often hard; of course, unless you choose to have your fat operated away or take other chemicals. However, it all depends on how you look at it. These exercises can be more than fun considering that many of them come naturally to you.


Of course, this is like stating the obvious. You have been doing this for whole your life, but then why is it that you have not managed to keep fat off your body? The answer is that you should be doing it the right way to lose excess fat. Varying the pace of your walking, walking up different planes, walking longer distances and ‘power’ walking are different methods to sweat it out while walking. 


Now, this is another activity that comes as naturally to you as walking. Running or jogging actually burn more fat in less time when compared to walking. The only equipment you need is a pair of good running shoes that will last you along. The downside is that you will need greater endurance than walking and running long distances will often require toughening up of the leg muscles.

If you are up for it, physically and mentally, then there are very few exercises that are as enjoyable as running. As with walking, the distance can be gradually increased, though it is important that you do not put undue stress on yourself. 

Lifting Weights

Lifting weights is one activity that pops into the mind when the talk shifts to exercises. Whatever be the reason, lifting weights is indeed ideal for knocking off fat from the body. While it is not advisable for everyone depending on their health, lifting weights acts as a good foundation for trying out other activities aiding in fat loss. The weights you lift and the amount you spend on this activity should depend on your body’s capability.


Cycling is another activity that helps in losing extra fat. Cycling indoors on machines work just as fine as outdoor cycling, though, you might probably have to keep staring out through the same window or at the wall throughout the session. If you prefer outdoor cycling, then you can vary the landscape by trying out hilly terrains to give your body something extra to work on. 

Outdoor Games

Outdoor games are one of the best ways to get rid of the excess fat off your body. It might not be possible to indulge in outdoor games, especially when you get older, but even half an hour of any outdoor game can do wonders in reducing your fat. Games like soccer and badminton are ideal for this purpose. 

Swimming and Rowing

Here are two activities for water lovers. Swimming and rowing are among the best exercises when it comes to burning fat. Well, if you have no clue about both then this is the ideal time to start. Both swimming and rowing offer a great workout within a short time.

Climbing Stairs

Yes, quite an easy one to end this list. Climbing the stairs can do you more good than you can imagine. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator adds to the amount of daily fat that you will shed.

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