4 Best Dumbbell Exercises for Abs

4 Best Dumbbell Exercises for Abs

The human abdomen is linked to many other muscles and vital organs, proper functioning of which is absolutely necessary. Therefore, exercising the abdominal muscles becomes all the more important for two reasons – one, it is the abdomen area where a major portion of the alimentary tract is located, and two, for being a key element that supports the spine and contributes to a good posture and prevention of injuries.

What are you waiting for then? Any delays will only increase the risks, so get straight to work. Here’s something to boost up your spirit – they may be hidden beneath the extra fat on your tummy but the fabulous six-packs, as they are popularly known, are ever-present. You just have to work out (pun intended) a way to bring them out in the open and the sunshine will be back in your life, with the power in your hands (pun intended) to never let it go out of shape.

But how to go about the mission is the question; answers and guidance to which will be provided by us. If you are reading this article you are already halfway up there; however, it’s the latter half that will test your mettle to stop at nothing. Go through the section below to learn about the ab exercises with dumbbells that will help you get in shape.

Abdominal Exercises with Dumbbells

Standing Twist

The standing twist abs exercise is one of the few that is done standing up. Even for the first-timers, a standing twist is easy to understand and implement. With your elbows bent, hold the dumbbells vertically in front of your stomach. Twist slowly and gently to the right, and then to the left, finishing one repetition by returning to the center. Doing the exercise regularly will help you in making the oblique muscles and transversus abdominis strong. However, while exercising, make sure the dumbbell stays in the center of your stomach. 

Standing Side Bends

This is another standing exercise; easy to learn and easy to implement. With your feet together, stand with a dumbbell in one hand and the other hand behind your head. Now according to your pain-bearing capacity of the muscles put your side ab muscles into action by lowering the dumbbell towards the floor. Hold for a second or two before returning to the original position. Repeat the exercise with a dumbbell on the other hand. The exercise will help in strengthening the oblique muscles.

Dumbbell Crunches on Stability Ball

Dumbbell crunches on a stability ball, apart from working up the ab muscles, also work up the neck muscles. Lie down with your back against the ball, the knees bent and feet flat. It is a dumbbell exercise; hold a dumbbell across your chest. This will throw in a little extra challenge. Lift up your shoulder blades off the ball while exhaling simultaneously, hold the position for a second or two and come back to the starting position. Repeat the exercise a few times over with proper breaks in between the sets. 

Combo: Crunches Raises Pullovers

It’s an ultimate exercise that works up the ab muscles as much as it works up the legs and arm muscles. Here’s how you do it. Lie down on your back; legs straight, and holding a dumbbell over your head. Now raise your legs straight in the air, exhale, and pull the dumbbell over your head towards your legs. At the same time lift up your upper body off the floor. 

By sticking to these exercises, you can transform all that flab into fab-abs that will have the ones who still are holding onto a beer belly, flipped out of their senses. These are exactly the kind of abs you’ve been dreaming of – the ones that make you proud and others jealous. However, keep this in mind – don’t stress your body and perform as many repetitions as it can take. Increase the intensity only when you feel it’s becoming all too easy. Happy Exercising!

Cover Photo by Laura Paredis from Pexels

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