Dog Beds – Heated, Bolster, Cozy Cave, and Washable

4 Best Dog Beds - Heated, Bolster, Cozy Cave, and Washable

Listen to what the experts have to say about the best dog beds on the market today.

No matter the size or age of your dog, no doubt the dog spends a lot of time lying around. The best dog beds according to pet experts will vary depending on your own individual pet. But one thing is certain. Every dog loves to lie down on something comfortable.

Now if you don’t supply that something, you can be sure that your canine friend will find his own spot. And if you want to keep him off the carpeting, the couch, and your bed, then you’ll want to get him a comfortable dog bed.

Although comfort is a primary reason for getting your pooch his own bed, there is another good reason. Dog beds are specifically made so that his fur stays in top condition.

When a dog lies on a floor or carpeted area, his fur may start to show signs of irregular growth. Bald patches may begin to show up.

When you choose a dog bed, keep one thing in mind. This bed will probably be inside your home and over time it will start to smell like a dog. Even if you love your dog, you probably won’t love having this smell fill the air. You can avoid this by limiting your choice to a selection of washable dog beds.

4 Best Dog Beds - Heated, Bolster, Cozy Cave, and Washable
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You can keep it very simple by choosing a simple dog mattress. These come in lots of different shapes and sizes and can be suitable for dogs of any size. Dog mattresses are a good inexpensive option. If your dog is a chewer, for instance, it can be easily replaced at a low cost.

A step up from a dog mattress is the bolster dog bed. Here the bolster surrounds the mattress and provides either a pillow or a cozy spot for your puppy or full-grown dog to lean against.

A good specialty kind of doggy bed is a heated dog bed. This is great especially in the colder months when cold air seems to settle at floor level. Heated dog beds can keep your pet warm and cozy.

Then there are orthopedic dog beds that are perfect for either older dogs that may be arthritic, or dogs that suffer from joint pain. An orthopedic bed has extra padding and the ability to mold itself to the pet using it.

Finally, another popular type of dog bed is the cozy cave dog bed. This is great for puppies and smaller dogs. As the name suggests, the bed is like a cave where your pup can snuggle up inside and get a feeling of being safe and protected.

According to dog experts, these are among the best dog beds on the market today. Now, it’s up to you to decide which one your pet will love.

4 Best Dog Beds - Heated, Bolster, Cozy Cave, and Washable
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The Heated Dog Bed

Find out all about the heated dog bed and why it might just be the best bed you ever buy for your dog.

heated dog bed is an ultimate comfort for your favorite furry friend. The floor can be a cold place for a dog to lie on, even with a cushion or pet bed. If your dog often finds his way onto your bed or couch, maybe it’s because he’s feeling cool.

And if your dog spends any amount of time outdoors, a heated dog bed will really keep him warm and comfortable, even on the coldest of days. The temperature is regulated with a thermostat. Most units maintain a cozy 101 or 102 degrees which are perfect for doggie comfort both inside and out.

These specially designed dog beds can be used both indoors as well as in sheltered areas outdoors, like garages, sheds, barns, balconies, porches, and yes, even doghouses.

Not only do these beds keep your pet warm, but they are also made with your dog’s comfort in mind. With soft, flexible material the beds are easy to place almost anywhere and are easy to transport. So if you are planning to take your pet on vacation with you, you can take his bed along with no difficulty.

These heated beds are also designed with pet safety in mind, so cords are either detachable or made with a chew-resistant cord, depending on the manufacturer. Some are even wrapped in steel so your pet absolutely can’t chew through it.

If your dog is a chewer, you may also want to look for a covering that is not quite as soft. Some manufacturers make heated beds that are covered in a more resilient material so the bed doesn’t get ripped to shreds.

With your dog spending so much time on his cozy spot, you may want to choose a dog bed with a removable cover. That way you can avoid the dog smell that clings to bedding that can’t be washed. Washable dog beds may be entirely washable but will at least have a removable cover so they can be tossed in the washing machine and kept fresh and clean.

Warm Weather Use For A Heated Dog Bed

You are probably wondering why a fur-covered dog would need a heated dog bed in the summer months. After all, it’s often so hot that we run our air conditioning just to stay comfortable.

Well, that’s exactly why heated dog beds come in handy in summer. Winter or summer the temperature inside your home may not vary a lot. So in the cool air of your air-conditioned house, your pet may enjoy being able to curl up in a warm spot off the cool floor. Because as we all know, dogs love to be comfortable.

Now for outside lounging, you may want to have a look at a Coolaroo dog bed, the ultimate keep the cool bed for the hot outdoors.

Heated Massage Beds

Heated massage beds are designed with the older or active dog in mind. For the older dog, the thick orthopedic foam keeps him comfortably cushioned and completely off the floor. Many older dogs suffer aches and pains just like people. The gentle massage is soothing and relaxing for them.

And for active dogs, although not all of them will like the massage, those that do definitely seem to become calmer as the massage relaxes them.

Choosing The Right Size

Most companies manufacture heated beds in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. It’s really a personal choice as to the size if you have a smaller dog. Some pet owners like to buy a larger than needed bed, so their pet can turn and stretch out in any direction. Others like to create a cave-like setting by placing pillows around a smaller bed, so their pet feels something soft all around.

In any case, the best way to choose the right size is to measure your dog’s body length when he’s lying on the floor. Go from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail and then add about six inches.

4 Best Dog Beds - Heated, Bolster, Cozy Cave, and Washable
Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels

The Bolster Dog Bed

Can’t keep your dog off the furniture? You may want to take a look at a bolster dog bed. Available in a size to fit every dog.

bolster dog bed is a cozy and comforting type of bed for dogs large or small. It’s the complete package with a soft padded cushion to rest on and a bolster that can double as a pillow. And with the cushion part being so soft, the bolster sides provide dogs with a cozy nest to sleep or rest in.

We all know that for many dogs sleeping on a bed or on couches or soft chairs in your living room is the ultimate in comfort. Sure the cushions are much softer than a carpet on the floor, but that’s not the only reason why dogs like to lie on your furniture.

They love the feeling of having something around them, like the back of your recliner, or the pillow on your bed for instance. You know your dog is a good candidate for a bolster bed if you wake up to a furry back tightly pressed against your own back. Another good option for those dogs that like to feel covered is a cozy cave dog bed.

A bolster dog bed

Is the perfect way to keep your favorite furry friend off your couch. It has those cushioned areas that a dog can lay against, satisfying their need to be closely nestled.

Bolster beds for dogs come in a few different styles and sizes from small to extra large to fit any breed. Some have bolstered entirely surrounding the bed, while others have a pillow-type bolster on one side.

Corner Bed With Bolster

As the name indicates, this type of bolster bed fits into a corner, so it doesn’t take up as much useable floor space in a room. Great for smaller rooms or areas with heavy traffic. Better bolster beds have covers that can be removed for washing to keep them fresh. Some brands even have washable fillers.

Thermo Dog Bolster Beds

This bed is made with two layers of orthopedic foam for cushy comfort. It’s totally surrounded by a bolster that is covered in a plush fabric. The bed warms to a dog’s normal body temperature when he’s using it, for total doggy comfort. The Thermo dog bolster bed comes with a removable cover for washing which is going to be important because your dog will spend lots of time lounging on this bed.

Crate Bolster Beds

These bolster beds tend to be a bit smaller than a regular bolster-style bed just because it’s designed to fit in an enclosed area. These bolster beds fit neatly into crates and are more comfortable than the normal crate cushion. The bolster adds extra support so the cushion part doesn’t flatten out like a regular cushion tends to.

4 Best Dog Beds - Heated, Bolster, Cozy Cave, and Washable
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Cozy Cave Dog Bed

Cozy Cave dog bed is a unique dog bed that is designed to give your favorite furry friend a comfy place to keep warm. When you get a look at this bed you’ll see why it’s called a cozy cave.

Cozy Cave dog beds are perfect for those dogs who like to be under the covers, rather than lying on top. If your dog likes to snuggle, he’ll love this nesting dog bed. With the Cozy Cave dog bed, your dog can stay completely enclosed.

The inside of his “cave” is a Sherpa fabric for soft, luxurious comfort. Both liner and cover are zippered for easy removal for washing. A cozy cave dog bed is the next best thing to a heated dog bed and is great for dogs that like the cave effect.

Snoozer Cozy Cave

The Snoozer brand carries a large selection of cozy cave beds for dogs. The beds are designed for indoor use only. The inner shell uses the Sherpa fabric with cedar/polyfill, while the outer fabric is a polyester/cotton blend. The cover is removable and is machine washable.

Snoozer makes Cozy Caves in 3 sizes; small with a 25” diameter, large with a 35” diameter, and extra-large with a diameter of 45”. They are available in eight different colors, including royal blue, khaki, red, and olive.

Radio Fence Cozy Cave

This bed is very similar to the Snoozer brand. It has a support to keep the top cover in place so your dog can get inside easily. The interior is faux lambs wool all around providing a cozy pocket for small dogs to nestle in. The outside is made of a washable combination poly/cotton fabric, zippered for easy removal.

It comes in 2 sizes; small with a 25” diameter for pets weighing up to 25 pounds and large with a 35” diameter for pets weighing up to 40 pounds.

Brookstone Cozy Cave For Dogs

Brookstone created this bed for burrowing dogs who like the feel of having their own personal snug cave to rest in. It’s a proven fact that many animals including dogs feel most relaxed and safe when covered all the way around. And the Brookstone Cozy Cave dog bed does just that.

The interior is a cozy, warm combination polyester/cotton Sherpa material. The bed is stuffed with a poly/cedar combination fill for freshness and comfort. The outer cover is removable and completely machine washable and dryable. It comes in 3 sizes; small with a 25” diameter, large with a 35” diameter, and extra-large with a 45” diameter. All are 5” thick.

4 Best Dog Beds - Heated, Bolster, Cozy Cave, and Washable
Image by Mat Coulton from Pixabay

Washable Dog Beds

Find out where to get the best washable dog beds and dog bed covers online.

If you are like many dog owners, the comfort of your pet takes a high priority. A comfortable dog bed is often one of the first things a dog owner will buy. But, after a while, even the cushiest bed can get a bit smelly. Washable dog beds can solve that problem.

Most quality beds for dogs are washable in some way. Many dog bed covers are removable for washing. In this case, you get what you pay for. If you decide to get a simple cushion-type dog bed, it may not be washable.

But if you upgrade just a little, the cushion bed will come with a removable cover that can be laundered. You will find that a good bolster dog bed will also have removable covers for easy care.

And that will make a huge difference. Once the cover or bolster cover begins to have an odor or gets dirty, just remove and wash. Don’t wait too long or the dirt and smell may penetrate right into the cushion and when this happens it’s more difficult to get the smell out.

Many dog beds have double-layer covers over memory foam that zip on and off.

The Memory Foam Dog Bed Pillow has two layers of covers.

The inner cover is water-resistant with industrial-strength stitching to be sure the stuffing stays secure. The pillow itself is made with a combination of high-quality shredded memory foam along with premium fiber-fil and shredded polyurethane foam.

The outer cover is made of durable, heavy-duty denim. It zips off for easy cleaning, is machine washable, and can also be thrown in the dryer.

The Ruffwear Flophouse Dog Pad is made of multiple layers of foam of varying density. Because of the variance in the density of the foam, the Flophouse Dog Pad gives your dog durable support that stands up over time and won’t compress.

This dog pad has integrated holes for drainage so when it gets dirty, you can just hose it off and hang it up to dry.

The Beasley Couch Dog Bed is a bolster-type bed. The padding is a medical-grade orthopedic foam that disperses and reduces pressure points. It’s great for any dog, but older dogs or ones having problems with their joints especially benefit from the padding.
You have your choice of several types of fabrics and colors for the cover. All covers are zippered and easily removable. They can be machine washed and dried for easy cleaning.

4 Best Dog Beds - Heated, Bolster, Cozy Cave, and Washable
Photo by Matthew Hamilton on Unsplash

Having the right dog bed for your pet is pretty important if you want him to be comfy and relaxed. The best place for him to do that is on his own dog bed. If you don’t give him a comfortable bed, he’ll find another place to stretch out on, like your bed or your couch.

When you decide it’s time to get your pet his own dog bed there are several things to consider before buying. Let’s have a look at a few of these things.

It’s not quite as simple as heading down to the pet store and grabbing what’s popular. There is a big variety of dog beds to choose from. You’ll want to be clear on just what you want.

It’s important to select a dog bed that’s big enough for your furry friend. Ideally, you’ll want a bed that fits your dog’s size. Just like there are large and small dogs, so there are large and small dog beds. If your dog is a larger breed, for instance, he’ll be uncomfortable squeezing onto a bed that is too small.

It’s not as important with a small dog if you get him a larger bed. But be aware that some breeds are happier if their sleeping quarters are not too oversized. The only exception is for a puppy. In this case, you’ll want to buy a bed that he is able to grow into as he grows.

You’ll definitely want to pick out a heavy-duty material for the covering on the bed. There are many kinds of material being used as coverings for dog beds. Popular choices include canvas, fleece, or denim.

Consider your dog’s breed, the climate in your area, and where you’ll be keeping the bed. For a larger breed dog or one with a heavier coat, cotton or canvas might be more comfortable to lie on, as it’ll be cooler. Smaller dogs or those with short hair, on the other hand, maybe more comfortable with a warmer material like fleece or suede.

If the bed is mainly for your pet to use outside, then fabric choice is going to be especially important. Fabric choice is not as much of an issue for beds used primarily indoors. But for inside beds, think about the temperature in the room where the bed will be located.

Choose a dog bed that will fit into the space you have available. If your pooch sleeps in his crate, be sure to get a bed that’s been made for a crate so it’s the right fit. If space in your home is limited, then go with a corner-style bed.

Whatever kind of dog bed you decide on, it’s a good idea to choose a washable dog bed. However, if the bed you have your heart set on isn’t washable, just put a machine washable cover on it. That way, when the cover becomes soiled or smelly, you’ll be able to take it off and toss it in the washing machine to freshen it up.

Perhaps one of the truly important things to think about is the age and overall health of your pet. Younger very active dogs need a bed that has at least a thin layer of high-quality, dense foam. With that, the bed will be comfortable and maintain its shape.

It’s really important to get a high-quality bed for dogs that are experiencing joint pain. Orthopedic dog beds are made from special high-density foam. High-density foam provides additional support, so it may help relieve joint pain. It’s easier for dogs to get up and off an orthopedic bed. Because of the foam, there is less pressure put on the dog’s joints.

There you have it. These are some of the more important things to look for when you go to choose a bed for your dog. By choosing the right dog bed for your favorite furry friend, you can be certain that he’ll be content and comfortable.

Choosing the right dog for your family is an important decision. Getting him a special bed is a great way to welcome him and make him feel comfortable.

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