6 Best Cute and Trendy Medium Length Hairstyles

6 Best Cute and Trendy Medium Length Hairstyles

If you were the kind of person who always thought that long was beautiful, think again! For quite some time now, women have worn their hair short and at shoulder length. This is mostly because hair can be made to look good, irrespective of its length.

With shoulder-length hair, you always have ‘n’ number of options, but what style is going to look good on you and what style can be carried off well by you is something that you will have to decide, no margin for errors here. There are two very obvious advantages with medium-length hairstyles, the first one being that they can all look extremely snazzy and the second one being that are they are comparatively easy to maintain.

What’s more, with medium-length hairstyles, you may as well just bid farewell to bad hair days. Go ahead and read on to discover for yourself, ideas on how to style medium-length hair. Once done with the ideas, strive to make an informed decision on what style is going to suit you the best. 

The Long Bob

The traditional bob is a hairstyle that’s best suited for short hair, but the modified one or the long bob can work perfectly fine for medium-length hair. The long bob has been around for quite some time and is now quite a popular hairstyle. You can wear this hairstyle with curls too, where the ends of the locks of hair are curled. If you don’t want to be this experimental, you can always stick to a poker straight bob.

The Messy Shag

This hairstyle is all about convenience. In other words, you don’t have to try too hard to put this look together. You can get yourself a shag cut and then go about to ask your stylist to help you make it look messy; don’t worry, ‘messy’ here is a ‘good messy’. It’s not really the kind of ‘messy’ that most women are victims of when they get out of bed. The shag hairstyle focuses on giving you a lot more, with a lot less. With this hairstyle, your hairstylist puts in less effort to give you more looks. 


When you think of bangs of hair, you always think of long hair. However, this is hardly the case. There is more to this picture than meets the eye. Your hair can be styled into bangs even if it is of medium length. All you need to do is find a good hairstylist, ask him/her to chop off your long hair and style it into bangs and, just like that, you will be transformed from being a diva to a goddess of style! Remember, nothing can really go wrong with bangs that come up to your shoulder. This hairstyle is more about the right and less about the wrong! 

Bobs and Fringes

The best part about bobs is that you can marry two separate ways of styling hair. Here, the merging is all about the bob and fringes, a combination that will not let you down. However, to pull off this hairstyle, you will need oodles and oodles of attitude, and that’s something you might already have if you have even thought about opting for the ‘bob + fringe’ look.

With this hairstyle, the traditional bob is softer and a lot more inspired by the decades gone back. With this haircut, it’s as good as looking to bring the 60s and the 70s back into mainstream fashion.  Hair can be straight at the top of the head and as it falls to the shoulder can be styled into fringes.

Waves and More

Waves here do not stand to signify the waves of the ocean that beat against rigid rocks; it instead stands to signify waves of hair. Styling your hair into waves is a versatile option. This is the kind of option that can merge well with medium-length hair. It’s not the kind of style that will make you look edgy or over-the-top.

It, in fact, is the kind of hairstyle that is slightly conservative, but nevertheless stylish. Style medium-length hair into waves and you can take it for granted that you will not be disappointed, courtesy of those compliments that are guaranteed to come your way. 

Curls that are Pearls

Medium-length hair can always be styled into curls but, for this, hair has to fall just a little below the shoulders. The trick to making this hairstyle look good lies in how you go about the process of putting it together. For starters, only the ends of locks of hair need to be curled, it would pay if hair around the top of the head remains straight.

It is essential for hair to fall a little below the shoulders because hair is best curled when there is a little more length to it. Although this style of wearing hair can look extremely good, there is a flip side to it that lies in the fact that this style of wearing hair requires a serious amount of maintenance, but nothing that can bog you down. Think about it and opt for this style of wearing medium-length hair if you think you can go a little out of your way to maintain your crowning glory. 

Going by what you just read, you really have quite a number of options laid out in front of you. The medium-length hairstyles you choose will be the road of style you will tread on. Make it a point to also take into consideration the views of your hairstylist. Although you know your hair best, an expert can always give you the kind of feedback you cannot choose to ignore. Here’s hoping that you decide on the best hairstyle for yourself, staying stylish all the while.

Cover Image by Claudio_Scott from Pixabay

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