5 Lasting Benefits of Studying Abroad

5 Lasting Benefits of Studying Abroad

Going off to college is an exciting time filled with increasing independence, autonomy, and responsibility. However, after getting settled in the college routine and having been in school for nearly a decade and a half, it’s not uncommon for students to want something more. The same lecture halls and campus setting can turn a bit monotonous at times. For such reason, studying abroad can shed a fresh and vibrant new light on the last leg of your schooling.

From a fairly obvious standpoint, going to study abroad is about exploring a new and adventurous country at the moment. However, there are also a lot of lasting memories with similar benefits when studying abroad. Many of which can and will last an entire lifetime. Being prepared before you take off overseas with identity theft protection, like with Lifelock, for added peace of mind will help you to be stress-free in a foreign land. Here are five of the most lasting benefits commonly associated with studying abroad.

Stories to Tell

Studying abroad will open up plenty of opportunities for future stories to tell friends and family. Immersing yourself in the culture will provide adventurous stories to look back on for the rest of your life. Now, it may even sound a bit corny, but the places you visit, people you meet, and food you taste while studying abroad will be unlike any experiences at home. They will subsequently serve as lasting memories to later share with friends and loved ones. Everyone loves a good story and studying abroad is sure to give you a few to tell.

Foreign Friendships

In general, friendships are a great thing to establish throughout your life. You never know when a friendship will come in handy, and how such a bond will be mutually rewarding throughout your life. What’s more, having a friendship with someone in a foreign country has many beneficial perks as well. For instance, if you ever want to visit your host country again, you will more than likely have a place to stay, food to eat, people to meet, and you won’t be treated so much as a tourist. Not to forget, having a foreign friendship gives you a reason to stay in contact with another part of the world.

Resume Booster

As one of the more practical lasting benefits of studying abroad, putting foreign studies on your resume will definitely prove to be advantageous down the road when applying for more competitive jobs. Employers like to see real-world experience, and exposure to other cultures when interviewing prospective employees. Having such experience can prove invaluable to include on your resume.

Learn The Language

Another very practical benefit of studying abroad is the exposure you will get to another language and culture. Odds are you won’t become fluent in the limited time you spend studying abroad, but it is very plausible that you will get enough exposure to another language that you will be able to perform basic communication, which will still look good on your resume as more business is going international and making foreign connections.

Relive Your Trip Through New Media

In the current digital age, you will be able to take enough pictures during your studies abroad to last a lifetime. What’s more, you will be able to revisit your studies and foreign travel through videos and pictures at any point throughout your life. Not to mention, with the accessibility of media currently, you will be able to share your trip with friends, family, and loved ones almost instantly via the internet and social networking.

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