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7 Proven Benefits of Low-Impact Aerobic Exercises

7 Proven Benefits of Low Impact Aerobic Exercises

“I am a diabetic and the doctor has advised me to reduce weight for its control. But, for quick results, I can’t perform high-impact exercises because the disease limits me.” So, do you think in the same way when planning for a workout? It is true that a high-impact exercise could affect your heart, blood vessels, eyes, and other body parts. But don’t worry there are plenty of options available.

It is advisable that a person with diabetes should opt for low-impact aerobics. A low-impact aerobics lowers blood sugar levels, improves sensitivity to insulin, and strengthens the heart.  But, how do we define low-impact aerobics? Low-impact aerobics is one, which involves less complicated movements. Support is always there in every case that ensures less stress and strain while exercising.

So, are you feeling relieved? Now, probably you are anticipating a list of low-impact exercises in the next paragraph. But, before starting any task, always acquaint yourself with its benefits. So, let’s explore the benefits of low-impact aerobics first.

Patients suffering from different diseases can opt for low-impact aerobics. If you have crossed 50, and wish to maintain a healthy body, then you should opt for low impact aerobics. There can be various benefits to low-impact aerobics.

  1. Fewer cases of injury
  2. No back pain and strain on any muscle
  3. Reduction in joints damage
  4. Improvement in cardiovascular movements
  5. Improved blood flow
  6. Strengthens heart
  7. Improves immunity

These benefits clearly explain that low impact aerobics is also effective! Isn’t it? Now is the time to explore different types of low-impact aerobic exercises.

Types of Low-Impact Aerobic Exercises

Step Aerobics

As the name suggests, step aerobics involves step movements in different patterns. Step aerobics is the most entertaining form of aerobics and is popular among ladies. An elevated platform is used to step up and down. The height of the platform is adjusted according to the comfort level. The instructors compose a set of different step movements for a class.

These steps are executed together. The class starts with basic steps that include the up and down movement of steps. It goes like; the first foot is stepped on the platform and then the second foot. Next, the first and the second foot are stepped back on the floor one by one.

These steps are repeated four times. Apart from basic steps, other steps are also included in the class, like, corner knee, over the top, T-Step, L-Step, repeater knee, V-Step, straddle down, split step, and many more. Step aerobics mainly focuses on the lower parts of the body and you can quickly reduce the extra fat collected on your legs, thighs, and hips.


Paul Dudley said, “A vigorous five-mile walk will do more good than all the medicines and psychology in the world.” Yes, a five-mile walk a day will keep you fit and healthy. It is advisable to take an early morning walk for effective results. Walking can help you reduce fat and maintain a healthy weight.

No equipment is involved in walking and it will reduce the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and various other ailments. Just walk for 30 minutes a day and you will start getting results over a period of time.


Have you ever noticed people involved in swimming activities? You will always find their body in good shape and they always feel refreshing and healthy. But, how? Any guesses? Yes, swimming is the main reason for their healthy lifestyle. So, if you know swimming and can take out some time to visit a swimming club, then don’t hesitate and move ahead.

Swimming is considered the best low-impact exercise to reduce weight. Our body swims against the resistance of water and therefore, it is a good exercise for weight reduction. You are involved in a complete body workout while swimming. You can burn a good amount of calories per hour as compared to other low-impact workouts.

Stationary Bike

You don’t have time to visit a gym or even go out for a workout? Are you are worried about your health and searching for home-based equipment for a low-intensity workout? Then, you should go on a stationary bike. It is bicycle-like equipment that is stationary and there is no need to be an expert in bicycle riding. All you have to do is, place it at a location of your choice and start pedaling.

You can place it near your television set or music system and enjoy the workout with entertainment. Keep on varying the resistance levels for better results. A stationary bike has a meter attached to it that helps you get information on calories burnt and distance traveled.

Follow these low-impact aerobic exercises on a regular basis and see the results yourself.

Cover: Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

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