Revealing The 5 Benefits Of Cycling To Where Ever You Need To Go

The 5 Benefits Of Cycling To Where Ever You Need To Go

When thinking about riding a bicycle, many people think about sports and recreation; making some tours through the park or around town, breathing some fresh air, and making a little excursion with their partner, good friends, or family. But riding a bicycle has many more benefits than just that.

In fact, riding a bicycle only occasionally might give you a good feeling, but it will hardly truly contribute to your health. In order for cycling to be healthy, it is key to do it regularly. Besides the fitness aspect, there are 4 additional big benefits cycling has.


Yes, this has been mentioned above already. But cycling on a regular basis does more than just keeping you fit. Depending on the distance you cycle each day, cycling can indeed prove to be a major fat burner. Cycling requires quite some effort from the muscles in your legs and butt. If your bicycle requires to bend forward in order to grasp the handlebar, you will additionally train your arms due to the extra weight put on them. Also, your abdominal muscles are being trained. Riding a bicycle is virtually an all-body training. In addition to burning fat and building muscles, cycling will train your cardiovascular system.

Cycling is healthy, and perhaps it poses a good alternative to driving or taking public transportation in the area you live in.

Cost reduction

Besides the one-off investment of purchasing a bicycle, the additional costs are extremely low; you do not need to buy petrol for your car, you do not need a train or bus ticket, and you can reduce the expensive costs of repairs on your vehicle. Bicycles should have regular check-ups, but they are much less expensive than motorized vehicles. Bicycles are usually not taxed and do usually not require insurance in most countries in the world.

Environment contribution

Riding a bicycle can help you to reduce emissions; bicycles have none. Well, almost none. Potentially, emissions are created at the time the bicycle was manufactured, but this applies to most products. Actually using a bicycle is as environmentally friendly as walking, and it is your contribution to the environment.

No traffic jams

With large cities being full of traffic jams, especially during rush hour, bicycles offer a great opportunity to drive around them. Or even better, to drive through them. If the handlebar of your bicycle is not too wide, you can actually drive in between the cars, and get ahead much faster. This will save you valuable time, and a lot of nerves.

No parking difficulties

Parking your vehicle can be very difficult in most urban areas, if not impossible. Luckily, in most cities, it is possible to leave your bicycle just about anywhere, or in specially designated bicycle parking areas; this varies from city to city. Still, chances are you will be able to find a ‘parking’ spot easily, and probably close to where you need to go. This, again, saves a lot of nerves, time, and of course parking fees.


Riding a bicycle on a regular basis offers major benefits to your health, allowing you to burn fat, to build muscles, and to train your cardiovascular system. Additionally, it can reduce your expenses, it can save you time and a lot of nerves, and it does some good for the environment. Cycling might not be the ideal solution if you have to commute long distances, but sometimes there are easy daily routines, which does not require a lot of driving, yet we are used to taking a car out of habit. Riding the bicycle for a change can make a little difference.

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