9 Proven Benefits of Aerobic Exercises

9 Proven Benefits of Aerobic Exercises

When you join a gym class, your main goal is to reduce weight and get a perfect shape. Isn’t it? But, while joining a particular session, do you search for different benefits that you will get from these sessions? The trainer has kept different options in front of you, and you chose aerobic exercise from them.

But why? Just because your friend is doing it or you have heard people saying good words about the exercise. Are you really aware of the benefits of aerobic exercises? No doubt, aerobic is one of the best ways to reduce fat naturally.

It increases metabolic activity and burns the excess fat present in our bodies. Probably, many of you are aware of the benefits of aerobic exercises, but not everyone! So, let us explore the various benefits of aerobic exercises. 

  1. Detoxify the body: You sweat a lot while performing aerobics. Sweat is the primary way through which toxins leave our bodies. According to experts, our body should lose two pounds of toxins every day, and aerobic plays a better role in the detoxification and cleansing of our body.
  2. Improve cardiac function: Aerobic exercises increase the flow of blood to the heart. The functioning of the heart improves and it starts pumping efficiently. The heart gets more blood per beat and hence its strength increases.
  3. Reduce fat rapidly: We all require energy for performing all our daily activities and our body burns fat to produce energy. More and more workouts will require more and more energy. Subsequently, the body will burn excess fat to generate energy, which will automatically reduce the amount of fat in our body.
  4. Prevent lifestyle diseases: An obese person is prone to diseases as compared to a normal person. The common diseases from which an obese person generally suffers are high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes, and heart diseases. The fat present in the body blocks arteries, thereby leading to heart diseases. Aerobics reduces extra fat present in the body and helps prevents the occurrence of a number of lifestyle-related diseases.
  5. Improve the working of muscles: While exercising, a sufficient amount of oxygen is transferred to the muscles and it keeps the metabolic wastes, such as lactic acid away from the muscles. Thus, they are not blocked and strained while working, and hence it reduces the chances of muscle pain and back pain.
  6. Help to cope up with diabetes: Aerobic exercises improve the metabolism of glucose in our body. They reduce the amount of glucose in our blood and thus, normal blood sugar level is maintained. Hence, it prevents the occurrence of diabetes and if you are a diabetic, then it will regulate and eliminate the ill-effects of diabetes.
  7. Increase longevity of life: In 1986, research done by Harvard University revealed that there was a scientific relation between exercise and duration of life. We can say that doing aerobic exercises regularly increases the longevity of life. But how? Well, aerobics activates the dormant portions of our body, and it reduces or eliminates all the factors that could lead to any disease. Your immunity improves and you get a healthy life for a long time.
  8. Weight loss: Calories regulate the weight of our bodies. More the number of calories and fat in our body, the more weight we put on. Calories are present in every food item that we consume. The unused calories are stored as fat in our body. We need to burn these extra calories for a reduction in weight. Aerobics involves the constant movement of muscles, which require energy to work out, and this energy is produced after burning the stored fat in our body.
  9. Improve mental fitness: Aerobics keeps you fit, mentally as well as physically. It reduces your stress level.  A better supply of blood to the brain ensures that oxygen and glucose are also supplied in the proper amount. It also reduces the number of toxins that could affect the functioning of the brain. Your brain feels fresh every day and you feel mentally fit.

So, what comes to your mind after reading all these benefits? Aerobics is the best weapon to conquer each and every disease! Isn’t it? To conclude, aerobics help you in reducing your weight, improving the immune system, managing stress, increasing the longevity of life, preventing various diseases, and many other benefits. Hope now you feel proud of your decision! So now, move ahead with the exercise schedule and enjoy its benefits.

Types of Aerobic Exercise

Types of Aerobic Exercise
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

People all around the world are talking about health and fitness. Almost every channel telecasts morning health shows. People have become dependent on machines and they rarely perform any task on their own.

A change in lifestyle has increased the risk of weight gain that eventually leads to various diseases. Hippocrates has aptly remarked, “If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.”

Aerobics is the most popular and effective form of exercise and people are considering it as a part of their daily routine. We have discussed various benefits of aerobics in our previous posts. You can easily tell whether an exercise is aerobics or not. But, can you classify them into different categories? We will explore different types of aerobic exercises in this section. 

Low Impact Exercises

Are you a beginner at aerobics? Then, you should start with low-impact exercises.  Low impact exercises include those movements that keep our body away from excessive stress and injuries. Are you eager to identify different low-intensity exercises? Then, let’s begin!

  1. Step Aerobics: This is the popular form of aerobics among females. It is the most effective and entertaining way of reducing fat. Here, an elevated platform is used for up and down step movements in different directions. Although it is a complete body workout, but it mainly reduces the lower portion of your body.
  2. Swimming: Swimming is another form of low intensity exercise. It is a complete body exercise, where you work out against the resistance of water. If you know how to swim, then just move ahead and join a swimming club today!
  3. Stationary Bike: If you don’t feel like going to a gym class or swimming, then buy a stationary bike and enjoy at-home workout. Just turn on your television or music system and start pedalling. Keep on varying the resistance of your bike to get better results.
  4. Brisk Walking: If you can manage to get up early in the morning, then try to go for brisk walking. You can burn approximately 191 calories in 30 minutes. Impressive, isn’t it? So, if you are music lover, turn on your mp3 player or ipod and move out for a brisk walk. 

High Impact Exercises

Are you now comfortable with low-impact exercises? Have you ever heard of high-intensity exercises? High impact exercises involve a lot of jumping, hopping, and complicated movements. You should first get a hold of low-impact exercises, before starting with these exercises.  So, do you have the capability to perform high-impact exercises? Let’s try some.

  1. Running: Running – an aerobic exercise? Probably, you will consider it wrong and surf on the web for correct information. But, you will find it under “types of aerobic exercises” everywhere. Running is one of the best aerobic exercises. You will burn more calories as compared to any other exercise.
  2. Hopping: Athletes all around the world consider hopping as the best exercise to enhance their performance. Everyone cannot opt for hopping. Please note that hopping is not suitable for those, who have just started exercising.  You should be skilled enough to start with hopping.
  3. Treadmill: If you are not in a mood to go to a park for running, then visit a gym and start running on a treadmill. Set the speed of the treadmill according to your requirements and start running. One of the main benefits of a treadmill is that it shows your statistics in a meter. Thus, you can get information on calories burnt and distance covered along with speed on the same meter.
  4. Sprinting: Sprinting is considered similar to running, but there is a difference between running and sprinting. While running, there are no limitations to speed and distance, but sprinting involves running at full speed for short distances. Start the session with a 5 minutes warm-up. Set your distance to 100 yards and start running at your full speed. Repeat it till you travel a distance of 400 yards. Walk slowly in between repetitions. Do not exceed the total distance beyond 400 yards. 

Hope now you can easily classify different aerobic exercises under low and high-impact exercises. Although you can reduce fat quickly with high-impact exercises as compared to low-impact exercises, but ensure that you are physically and mentally prepared to start off.

Aerobic Exercise Routines

Aerobic Exercise Routines
Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

Hey you, fatty! Is this how your friends call you? Is your bulky body affecting your professional life? Are you finding it difficult to fit in your own chair and your clothes are also getting tighter? You feel embarrassed, and always wish to join gym classes to get back in shape.

But, you never get time to visit a gym because of your busy schedule. And now, you are planning to start aerobics at home. Great! Aerobics is the best and easiest way to increase metabolism and reduce fat. But you are not sure how to start! This space is reserved to help you and here, you will get to know the various exercise routines that you could follow to make it happen. 


Start your session with warm-up exercises. The warm-up session should last for 20 to 30 minutes. A warm-up exercise increases the blood flow in your body and makes it flexible for further exercises. So, how can you start a warm-up? Just start with these small workouts for a warm-up.

  • Start with small jumps. Keep jumping for 5 minutes.
  • Stretch your hands up, and then move down touching your toes. Then, get back, keeping your hands stretched. Repeat these steps ten times.
  • Widen your legs and hands-on either side. Then, touch the left toe with your right hand and vice versa. Do not fold your knees while exercising. Repeat these steps 100 times.
  • Stretch your hands up and keep your back straight. Then, bend to the right, come back straight, and then bend to the left. Repeat these steps 20 times. 

So, these are some of the steps that you can follow for a warm-up. Let us now start with fast aerobics exercises. Depending on the levels, aerobics has different steps. Here, we will follow some of the most common and classic aerobic exercise routines. 


This is the second phase and we will perform as fast as possible. This session lasts for 30 to 40 minutes. Remember that you need to put on your favorite fast beat music before starting, only then you will be able to enjoy aerobics. So, have you put on your favorite fast beat music?  Let’s move ahead with the steps.

  • For the first step, you need to bring forward your left foot, bend down, keeping your waist straight and try to touch the floor with your right knee. Then get back and repeat this step 10 times. You need to do it alternatively.
  • Now, join your feet, stretch your hands in front and bend down, keeping your waist straight. Repeat this step 10 times.
  • Thirdly, keep your feet joined and your waist straight. Keep your hands on your waist, stretch your left leg on the left side, and move it up and down. Do it alternatively too. Repeat this step 10 times on either side.
  • In the fourth step, move four steps forward and then four steps backward. Repeat it to the count of four.
  • Lie down on the floor, join your feet, keep your hands below your hips and swing your legs up and down. Repeat it to the count of 10.
  • Don’t get up! Stay in the same posture and move your right leg up and down. Do it alternatively also. Repeat this step 10 times on either side.

These basic aerobic exercises will increase the flow of blood in your body and increase your metabolism, thus resulting in a reduction in fat. You can increase the number of repetitions, depending upon your capability.

Closing Phase

After a constant exercising phase, now you need to relax and cool down. Change the fast beat music to a slower one. And then, lie down on the floor and take deep breaths. Keep on taking deep breaths for 5 minutes and get up. For the cool-down phase, you can also opt for a standing exercise. Stand straight and stretch your hands. Raise your hands up and inhale, then move them down and exhale. Continue this step for 5 minutes. 

So, this is a basic, but effective aerobic exercise routine. Try to start the session early in the morning. It is said to be the best time for exercise, as it is the time when our body starts consuming stored fat to produce energy. Hence, an increase in the workout will increase the consumption of stored fat to produce energy. So, be prepared and start your schedule.

Cover Image by Irina L from Pixabay

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