8 Beautiful and Modern Hairdos for Long Hair

8 Beautiful and Modern Hairdos for Long Hair

Love your long and lengthy tresses? But tired of wearing the same ponytail and braid all through these years? Some secret styling ideas are what you need to manage your locks and flaunt a sexy and lovely hairstyle.

Agreed that there is a multitude of hairstyles for long hair, but the price tag that they come with makes it difficult to pass on the hard-earned greens to the hairstylist every time there is an event or occasion to attend. In such circumstances, if you know the tricks and tips of styling your hair into a trendy and stunning hairdo, you can save a lot of your money.

So, are you game for some quick and classy hairstyles for your long hair? Get hold of some styling stuff, such as a hairbrush, straightening iron, sea salt spray, and fun accessories like headbands, rubber bands, clips, and hairpins, and turn into a fashion guide. Irrespective of whether you have straight, curly, or wavy, there is a hairdo for every hair type.

Play with your hair as we present you with some hairdos for long hair in the following sections and create a beautiful and lovely you

Longer Tresses and Bangs

This long hairstyle easily fits most facial shapes and exudes a beautiful and remarkable appearance. Get those long tresses transformed into soft, wavy curls for a natural look. As for the bangs, get them chopped, short enough to be swept lightly and easily behind your ears. The long wavy tresses, along with the smooth bangs, will create a new alluring, and attractive you.

Lengthy Curls

No matter whether you have curls, waves, or different textures on your beautiful mane, you can conveniently spruce up your long hair. If you are lucky, leave those natural curls loose, by adding just the required amount of bounce and texture to the curls to perfect the look. If you don’t have those natural curls, simply add some different-sized curls with a curling iron to create a similar style and look fabulous.

Straight and Shiny

This sleek hairstyle is possible even if you do not have those stick-straight locks. Get a geometric cut. Blow-dry your hair as usual, if you have straight hair. For a super-smooth look, flatten and set your hair with a flat iron. For wavy, blow out kinks while your hair is still damp using a flat brush. Follow up with a flat iron and shine serum to style your hair, with special emphasis on the ends. Time to let loose your lovely straight locks! For best results, opt for a side part.

One-Sided Bun

Create a side part with your hair and bring it back to one side. Twist all your hair into a big, loose bun, about an inch above the nape of your neck. If you have extremely fine or naturally straight, add some volume and texture using a volumizing mousse before securing it into a bun. Thereafter, blow-dry with a diffuser to complete the hairdo and look sizzling.

Color Your Curls

For that extra-gorgeous and stunning look, ask your colorist to brighten a few bangs around your face and some chunks at the ends. Go for randomly placed color highlights in shades that suit your face and hair color. As a more beautiful and striking alternate, you can even try out multi-faceted shimmering colors to dye your curly locks.

Flirty Ponytail

This super-cute ponytail gives off a classy and stylish look, for all occasions. Treat the roots of your hair around the crown to give them some lift and volume. Thereafter, pull back your hair and secure it in a ponytail. Use a flexible-hold spray to fluff up the length of the ponytail and add that much-needed oomph. Works wonders on haircuts with layers!

Easy Chignon

Updos look sexy and beautiful when done properly, but sexier when they aren’t too ‘done’. The falling-down style of the bangs in the front gives off a chic and elegant appearance. Leave some of the face-framing tresses down and gather the rest of the hair into a low, super-loose chignon. All prepared to set the stage on fire!

Surfer Girl Waves

The beachy look of unkempt and tousled hair can be re-created easily at home as well. Simply spray your hair with a wave-making salt-infused styler to give it the typical misty look of the beach. Twist small pieces of hair around your fingers to create the shape. Opt for a middle part before styling your hair

The above gorgeous and glossy hairdo ideas will give your long and beautiful locks the perfect style of a celebrity. Time to love your lengthy and lustrous locks even more!

Cover Image by Сергей Горбачев from Pixabay

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