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12 Different Types of Pants For Men and Women

12 Beautiful and Different Types of Pants For Men and Women

Commonly known as trousers, pants are a type of clothing generally worn on the lower part of the body. It covers both the legs of the person and is spread separately on both legs. Pants are in usage in the western world since ancient times. With the dramatic technological and cultural change in the late 20th century, pants also became popular with women.

Nowadays, pants have become the most common attire in the world. Not only pants are great in looks, but also provide immense comfort to the wearer. One of the greatest advantages of pants is the wide range of options in terms of style, material, and looks.

There are options available for people to choose their fabric, shape, and sizes. Pants have a universal appeal and use. While they are a staple at the office, they can also be used at parties in the form of chic pants. When buying a pants, a person should choose one that suits his body.

There are different types of pants available in the market with their different usage. Read further to know more about these different types of pants and their application. 

Pants For Men

It is among the widely worn attires in the world and is equally popular in men and women. Jeans constitute a permanent space in a man’s wardrobe and offer a variety of options. Jeans are available in a large range of styles, colors, and washes. A great advantage of jeans is that they can be worn with any combination of a shirt, t-shirt, sweater, and shoes.

Khakis are made of 100% cotton and offer a great comfortable experience. Apart from being immensely comfortable, khakis look cool and stylish with any type of shirt, shoes, and sandals. Khakis are prominently available in black, navy, and khaki colors and are a good option for relaxed formal clothing.

Pleated pants give a sophisticated and classical look to the wearer. These are quite popular with all ages of men and are suitable for any kind of occasion, be it an office meeting or hanging out with friends.

Flat Front Pants
For people interested in the modern style of clothing, flat front pants make a great choice. Flat-front pants go well with slim people or those who have less heavy bottoms. While shopping, always considers buying the perfect fit.

Cargo pants are best suited for men who are interested in outdoor activities like hiking and trekking. Cargo pants are baggy and made up of hardwearing fabrics, allowing the wearer to have free movements, generally required in trekking activities. Additionally, the great number of pockets existing assists in carrying handy equipment.

Chinos are mostly crafted from a combination of cotton and synthetic fiber to offer great comfort and modern styling. Chinos are best suited to dressier T-shirts and shirts. Chinos can be worn on any casual occasion,

Pants For Women

Jeans have become a major part of women’s clothing. It is the availability of a vast variety of styles, colors, and fabrics that have made jeans a permanent member of a woman’s wardrobe. There are jeans available for every type of body. While the low-rise and ultra low-rise jeans-style work well for lean women, medium-rise jeans suits all types of women.

Trousers are basically office wear and are popular with corporate women. Trousers are made up of cotton, polyesters, and wool. They are best suited with a formal blouse and shirt and give a smart appearance to the wearer.

Yoga or sweat pants are casual wears and are generally worn during workouts. Yoga is generally made up of cotton and is available in a variety of colors and shades. These are usually skin-tight and offer great comfort when worn.

Capris are a form of cropped pants and are hugely popular among women. They are prominently worn when the temperature rises. Capris are made up of cotton, nylon, denim, and polyester. It is advisable to choose a Capri that goes well with your curves.

Leggings are usually skin tight and are made up of denim, cotton, and lycra. A dark pair of denim leggings are best suited with a flowing blouse and are perfect for any casual occasion.

Palazzos are generally loose in fitting and are best suited to lean women. These are made up of wrinkle-free fabric and go well with tank tops and trendy blouses. 

These are some of the popular types of pants for men and women. Hope this piece of information will help you in choosing the best pair for you.

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