15 Astounding Eyebrow Shaping Tips

15 Astounding Eyebrow Shaping Tips

Eyebrow shaping is perhaps the most important and indispensable part of every woman’s beauty regimen. The shape of the eyebrow has a great impact on one’s appearance. Well-shaped eyebrows can add a lot to your personality and looks.

Right eyebrow shape can enhance your facial features manifold. It can change the expressive character of your eyes and even the ’shape’ of your face! Since eyebrow shaping is not a technical job, simple shaping tips are all that is required to make a world of difference in putting your best face forward. It involves making the arch, length, and thickness of the eyebrows suitable for your face.

However, not everyone is blessed with natural eyebrow shape proportions. Therefore, your first priority should be to make your eyebrows appear as perfect as possible. You don’t have to panic; it is neither that daunting nor that painstaking if you follow some basic techniques while shaping your eyebrows. Read this article for some eyebrow shaping tips. 

How To Shape Eyebrows

  1. First, get rid of all the make-up and wash your face clean, before you start shaping your brows.
  2. Figure out where your eyebrow begins and where it ends. To find your brow’s starting point, hold a thin makeup brush against your nose. The point where the brush touches your brow is the starting point and then tilt the same brush from your nose diagonally until it touches the point at the corner of your eye, which is the ending point.
  3. Use an eyebrow brush to smooth eyebrow hairs while tweezing or waxing your eyebrows. This will make sure that you don’t end up removing too much. Plus, keeping this brush will help you keep your eyebrows in shape even after they are nice and clean.
  4. Stand at a distance from the mirror, for a better view of your brows. Also, this way, you will have lesser chances of making the brows uneven. View a close-up of your brows in the mirror to reach finer, lighter hair.
  5. Make sure to choose the best shape for your eyebrows in order to enhance your facial features.
  6. Use a stencil to shape your eyebrows. Eyebrow stencil comprises of multiple shapes such as round shape, angled shape, soft angled shape, curved shape, and flat shape. Select the form best suited to your facial bone structure. If your eyebrow is thin, use a brow pencil for shading the hair that is rarely covered. Select a color as close to your hair color, then paint eyebrows following the original eyebrow shape. After that, you can brush a thin layer of mascara to create a natural impression.
  7. Use a warm towel on your eyebrows or start the shaping process after a hot bath. Some tips suggest icing your skin before starting, but never numb your skin by icing, as it is totally wrong. The cold will tighten your pores, and you will feel more pain.
  8. There are many who prefer to use small razors to get their brows in shape. However, doing so will give them short-lived and uneven results. Stubble or razor cuts and burns can also result.
  9. Use quality tools. If you are looking for great eyebrows, you must be willing to make some investments to make sure you choose a good pair of tweezers and/or excellent wax. Both of these tools will pull out the hair easily and perfectly.
  10. Pluck hair in the direction they grow and do not grab too many hairs at a time.
  11. While tweezing, hold skin taut by gently holding it firm with your free hand. This will cause less tugging and pain on the skin.
  12. Do not push the tweezers into the skin, if your hair is too short for tweezing. This can cause scraping, bleeding, or even scarring.
  13. One more important fact about eyebrow shaping is that people take out too much hair while trimming, but in fact, they should only get rid of the excess length. For men, this helps make the brows look neater and groomed and for women, it helps them achieve that perfectly defined look.
  14. Clean up the stray hair outside the brow shape that you desire, to create a more defined, clean eyebrow. This will help both the brows look even with one another.
  15. After you are done with the shaping, clean your eyebrows using an astringent. 

Read the article above and do as suggested. These are some of the easiest and safest techniques to shape your eyebrow. However, due to a lack of knowledge, people sometimes adopt techniques, which yield disappointing results and could be too painful. The above-mentioned tips will not only lead you to get a perfect eyebrow but will also ensure that the process is harmless and least painful.

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