Are Americans Least Green Nation in the World?

Are Americans Least Green Nation in the World?

Why Label Americans Least Green Society

A new term has emerged labeling Americans the least green of all the communities in the world. This is built on the findings which show that they care the least about how green the environment is. It has even been observed that they rarely display any sense of guilt about the greenness of the surroundings. This is a bit strange taking into consideration that they are the one group that firmly believes that their individual actions or steps they take can help the environment. A survey was carried out in which Americans were ranked last in terms of sustainable behavior from 2008.

When people fail to recognize that there is a problem in relation to the environment and how human behavior affects it, then it gives rise to people who feel no guilt at all. This is one reason which has given birth to American’s least green tendencies or labeling. Americans are not the only ones in this regard since there are still other peoples and nations where debate is raging about whether there is truly an environmental problem. Even where they agree that a problem exists, people still argue if it is to the extent which is being reported by different media sources.

Comparing Americans Least Green Tendencies with Other Nations

While they rank last in terms of feeling guilty about their behavior, 21% of all Americans stated that they felt some guilt for their actions which had a negative effect on the environment. Other nations which do not rank higher in terms of polluting the surroundings, feel the most guilt. This lends further credence to the findings which show American’s least green tendencies. Nations that felt the most guilt were not fully confident that their individual actions could have a positive bearing on the environment. This is in contrast to what Americans felt about their individual acts.

Why Are Other Countries Most Green and Americans Least Green

It has been discovered that one of the reasons which make Americans the least green, is that they do not think they can get diseases due to lack of water or other environmental problems. On the other hand, people in some nations such as India, China, and Brazil pay close attention to the environment since they believe that it has a direct effect on their health. In these countries, it is believed that health, food, water, and air are some of the aspects of life which issues revolving around the environment have a direct bearing on. This acts as a motivation to these people.

Can Americans Least Green Tendencies Be Reversed?

There is hope that American’s least green tendencies can be reversed. One source of hope in this issue is that they are the people who do not have a problem with buying pre-owned or used items. Americans score highly as well when it comes to recycling where they are only behind nations such as Australia, Britain, Germany, and Canada. When the behavior which already exists is coupled with proper education, it is believed that most Americans will realize where they have erred and work hard to make sure that they are not labeled as the least green people anymore.

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