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17 Approved Different Types of Bra

17 Approved Different Types of Bra

The right lingerie, especially sporting the right bra, is the first step to embracing fashion. To avoid any kind of fashion fiasco, you need to adorn yourself with a perfect-fitting bra. Such natural curves should be adorned with the best and only if a woman’s upper body is well enhanced and in shape, can any other dress or attire add poise to her persona completely.

Along with being a fashion essential, the correct size and type of bra are also very vital to health. Breasts are supported by the muscles in the shoulders and neck, so a sagging bust can literally be a pain in the neck! To keep the bust firm and in shape, picking out the right bra is very important.

It helps in preventing the breast tissue from any kind of injury and damage. No bra is better than the other – it all depends on the style you are most comfortable with. Familiarise yourself with the different types of bras available and pick the right one. 


As the name suggests, this bra adheres to the breasts. There is no strap or band and little support is provided to the breasts. These bras are best suited for backless or strapless dresses. The disposable paper ones use strong adhesives while the silicone ones are washable and reusable. 


This type of bra is a simple band of cloth fastened across the breasts; it provides minimal shape and support. When made of elastic materials it does not need fasteners also.

Bridal Bra or Corset

The bridal bra is designed to fit within the wedding dress very well. It gives a good posture and is quite comfortable. Since the entire weight is taken by the corset, this bra leaves your shoulders quite free- something which the shoulder straps don’t really do.

Built In

Swimsuits, tank tops, and even some dresses have built-in bras within. They provide protection without the need for another bra. These built-ins have horizontal elastic fasteners and can come with cups and underwires also. If desired, the built-in bras can be removed. 


The convertible bra gives the facility to detach the straps and arrange them in any way you like. Depending on the type of dress, the straps can be crossed, horizontal, or vertically fastened. Even clear plastic straps can be used to acquire protection and style. 

Front Closure

Rather than the back, front closure bras have hooks and eyes on the front. They give a clean look at the back as they lie flat. Either a racerback style or a simple horizontal strap is available with front closure bras. The racerback style is great to wear with tank tops as they provide a no-slip effect.

Full Support

This is a practical and typical bra, perfect for everyday use as it provides good support to the entire bust line. 


The mastectomy bra is designed for individuals who have lost one or both breasts during the treatment for breast cancer. This bra enables the prosthesis to be held in place. 


During pregnancy, breasts happen to expand and enlarge in size for obvious reasons. They swell and grow, so the maternity bra has wide bands and straps and is made of pure cotton. Also, there are several rows of adjustable hooks at the back to take care of the expansion.


The minimizer bra is designed to play down the bosoms. It is particularly useful for women with a size of 36C and above as it compresses and shapes the breasts giving an impression of being a few cups sizes smaller.  


More than protection and comfort, novelty bras focus on novel and fashionable ideas. They are designed to keep the appearance and sensuality factor in mind. For instance, such bras are also made by using leather, suede, or lace materials, very innovatively. 


The padded bra is the small-breasted woman’s favorite. The foam padding in the lining surrounds the breasts all around and gives them a fuller shape. A woman’s natural measurements are used to purchase the right padded bra, however, you should consider the size of your outer garment as the padding can increase the chest size. 

Push Up

The push-up bra is designed to lift and place the breasts closer to each other so that the cleavage region is enhanced. Push-up bras are usually padded; the main difference between the padded and push-up bras being that in a push-up bra the padding is lined on the outside center so that the breasts are pushed inwards and the cleavage is enhanced. 


The demi bra has wide-set straps and shows the horizontal bust line. They are often seamed and enhance the cleavage to give a frame-like effect. Demi Bras offers less support but is apt for low-cut garments as they can be worn without the bra being seen. Like push-up bras, demi bras can be designed to provide lift.

Racer Back

The racerback bra is designed to be worn under dresses where traditional bra straps would otherwise be exposed.  The straps for this bra shoulder in a ‘v’ pattern close to the neck. The racerback bras are quite effective in providing good support as the breasts don’t bounce around much. 


The strapless bras cover and support the entire breast region without any straps to hold up. They are mainly suited for evening gowns or dresses that reveal the collar bone and shoulder area. They are a good option for women who prefer not to go braless. 


Underwire bras are designed to give lift, provide shape, give extra support, and separate the breasts. The metallic or plastic wire under each cup helps in doing this. You must be careful as underwire bras can be quite uncomfortable if they have faulty wires. 

These were some of the types of bras available to be worn under different kinds of garments. Although there is no standard design of bras, these popular ones can help you on your crusade of finding the right bra for you.

Cover Image by Klaus Hausmann from Pixabay

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