Why Your Appearance Can Determine Your Success In Life

Why Your Appearance Can Determine Your Success In Life

It is said, that we make our first impression about someone within seconds. Indeed, often we form opinions about someone without actually knowing that person, or without having spoken one single word with him or her. We form our opinions mainly via visuals, for example how he looks, how he moves, how he is dressed, the car he drives, the watch he wears, and how well he is built.

There have been many studies on this topic, and the result is quite similar in each study; first impression are made within a split second, and influences the opinion we have about someone. Often, this opinion can even be so crucial, that we decide upon that whether or not we are willing to get to know him or her, as a person. Some factors we cannot influence. For example, various studies claim, that tall, beautiful and slim often earn more at similar positions than short, not so beautiful or overweight people; they are generally considered to be more competent and intelligence.

Luckily, there is a lot we actually can influence. We can influence how we dress, how we walk and stand, how to speak. Also, we can use status symbols to our advantage. This is important to express that we are already successful, and happy with our lives. The little secret is, that people are willing to give success to those who are successful already. This applies to job, money, but also flirting and seduction.

Body posture

A confident, upright posture is something everyone will notice immediately. Such a confidence is often an expression that you are happy with your life, your lifestyle, and the success and fulfillment you are experiencing. Additionally, a confident body posture is an expression that you believe in yourself. This is a very attractive feature. Additionally to body posture, the way that you give a hand (it should be firm, but not too strong), and how you are at ease (i.e. not fidgeting around with items) are strong indicators.


Studies have demonstrated, that people wearing clothing of high-end brands have a higher chance to get a job or have the potential to earn high salaries. This is not surprising. A salary is not just a salary, it is the expression of the worth and competencies than an employer has towards the employee. High-end clothing is a direct expression of wealth, which is in the eyes of most people the result of competencies, experience, and intelligence. In a sense, high-end clothing is a status symbol, demonstrating social class.

Status symbols

Beyond clothing, there are more traditional status symbols, such as expensive watches, expensive handbags, big cars, and large estates. Although most such items will not even be visible during a first meeting, the awareness of such items might come evident during a conversation. Someone who does not own a car because he or she cannot afford it will speak differently about sports cars than someone who actually owns one.

Taking care of your body

Appearance includes grooming and generally taking care of yourself. It means going to the hairdressers frequently, keeping your hands clean and tidy, groom your beard, the use of deodorant and perhaps some eau de toilette or perfume. Additionally, it also means keeping fit and keeping a healthy diet. Generally, if you take care of your body well, you will make a much better and more confident impression.


Success in life is often a combination of things, such as intelligence, persistence, competencies, and sometimes being at the right place at the right time. However, often we need others to get things done; we need others to employ us, we need others to do business with. Therefore, it is important to come across as successful, competent, and confident. Since human beings tend to make first impressions within seconds, your appearance might be key in communicating your success within such a short time frame.

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