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18 Amazing Tips on Hairstyles for Round Faces

18 Amazing Tips on Hairstyles for Round Faces

A perfect and well-thought-out hairstyle is much needed to enhance certain facial features and also to conceal quite a few. Change is always good and a fine hairstyle can bolster a person’s self-confidence to a great deal. It adds a sense of mystery and new excitement to the person.

From absolutely boring locks to a new hairdo, it’s the best way to cut through the mundane look. However, before you get behind the scissors, it is very important to consider the hair type and the shape of your face.  For now, we are going to deal with those who have round faces.

A lot of thought and meticulous cutting is needed for those with a round face cut. The round face is characterized by a round forehead, around the jawline, and fuller, wider cheeks. So, to tone down these slightly blunt features, go through the piece below and explore the options of appealing hairstyles that a round face should sport.  

Hairstyles for Round Faces

The general rule for a haircut for round-faced people is to ward off the attention from the roundness of the face. A long length, long layers, and a long fringe are some key tips to keep in mind. However, those with shorter or curlier hair can pull off a very snazzy look too. 

Long Hairstyles

  1. Long hair naturally tends to lengthen the face, so a person with a round face should, at least, grow hair till about a few inches below the chin. It adds definition to the cheekbones giving them a slimmer look.
  2. When layering the hair, the shortest layer should be near the earlobes or maybe even lower. Short layers make the face seem rounder so always go for longer layers instead. The soft and cross-cut tapered ends of the layers give the face a soft and tender look.
  3. Gentle waves and curls, in the long locks, deflect attention from the roundness of the face, so if you have natural curls, enhance them with styling gels or mousses or use a large curling iron to create some waves in the long tresses.
  4. Also, a few streaks and highlights on black colored hair can never go wrong. They give the face a divided look adding to the narrow appearance of the rounded face. 

Short Hairstyles

  1. A short hairstyle can be quite fiddly on the round face, but if cut and shaped well it ought to give a very youthful and sophisticated edge. So, finding a short hairstyle to suit the round face can be quite an interesting challenge.
  2. Firstly, avoid any jaw length cuts as this emphasizes the round jawline. Instead, go for ones that end at the cheeks. The wrong length of a short hairstyle accentuates the round face and gives an impression of wider cheeks and maybe also a double chin. Adding layers to the top of the head with short hairstyles helps elongate the face.
  3. These subtle layers on the top can look very stylish and is a perfect way to sever the roundness of the face. Also, a correct amount of layers can add a lot of volume to your hair; these layers make your face seem oval in shape. 

Curly Hairstyles

  1. Heavy curly hair of the wrong length on a round face can be a disaster! It doesn’t do much besides adding more roundness to the face, making it look bloated. So make sure your hair is a few inches below the chin when dry, otherwise, this plays up the rounded jawline.
  2. Try to thin and cut down on the layers from the bottom and behind to reduce the fullness of the hair. If you have natural curls and waves, scrunching the hair with some styling gel or mousse to reduce the frizz can really give a lift.
  3. Curly hairstyles look very glamorous if they are well set, as you must have seen Beyonce and Shakira flaunting it! 

Fringe Styles

  1. A side-swept fringe would work well with a round face by taking the attention off the round forehead. It creates a different look without reducing the length of the hair and also highlights the eyes to give an interesting frame to a rounded face.
  2. The wispy side fringe is quite reliable and the fall back effect it has can do wonders for the face. If you’re bored with it, you can even pull it back and pin it to give a nice puff.
  3. The kind of fringe that should be avoided is a blunt straight cut fringe. These bangs add a lot of weight to the face giving an already rounded face a heavier influence. Just experiment with this wispy fringe and you’ll be surprised by the difference it can make in your look. 

Styles to be Avoided by Round-Faced People

There are a few rules which you have to consider so as to know what hairstyles have to be avoided.

  1. Avoid slick back hairstyles that don’t touch the face. They add a lot of width to the face and make it seem wider than it already is.
  2. Chin length hairstyles should be strictly avoided at all costs.
  3. Straight cut chunky bangs add weight to the face and take away the delicate nature of the face.
  4. Tightened and stiff curls are a complete no-no. The tighter the curl, the more you should try to loosen it up.
  5. Lastly, plain medium length hair including bobs is not an option to consider. It should only be worn by people with long faces. 

Encompassed above are the hairstyle ideas best suited for round-faced people with varying lengths of hair. So if you’ve got that pretty round face, make it stand out even more with the perfect hairdo.

Cover Image by Khusen Rustamov from Pixabay

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