11 Amazing Short Brunette Hairstyles

11 Amazing Short Brunette Hairstyles

Brunette hair color has always been an excellent choice as not only can you go for different hues like caramel and chocolate, you can also try a wide range of hairstyles. If you are not naturally a brunette then too you can opt for this hair color and experiment with the wide variety of hairdos that this color offers, for no matter what your features are, there are many styles that can complement it.

Even if you have short hair, you need not be stuck up with a single hairstyle. There are numerous hairstyles that look simply amazing on brunettes. You can also go for highlights, low lights, and tint-backs to make your hair look more alluring. Whatever the hairstyle that you opt for, a brunette will always give you a rich, deep look.

Short brunette hairstyles provide a very casual look which makes it apt for all get-togethers and parties. It has been a favorite hairstyle for celebrities attending various red carpet events. So, if you want to look your stylish best, go for short brunette hairstyles. Given below are a few short brunette hairstyles that you could go gaga for.

Shoulder Length

For this style, part your hair from one side of your hair and then apply a little bit of volumizing mousse to the roots of the hair. Then blow-dry the hair using a straight brush. After drying the hair, wrap sections around a 1½-inch curling iron and finish off by spraying an anti-frizz hairspray on this do.

Curly With Highlights

Part your hair to one side and dampen it using a texturizing product. Now, using a round brush, blow-dry the top half of your hair to smoothen it. Let the bottom half of the hair dry naturally. After all the hair is dry, curl the ends of your hair with a 1-inch curling iron. Sweep the bangs to the side and spray a strong hold of a hairspray.

Straight and Layered

Take a dollop of volumizing mousse and rub it in your hair with your fingers. Then, using a round brush, blow-dry! Now, separate the hair into small sections and wrap a few of the locks around the brush. Blast the hair in the brush with heat and make sure that you do this from above to create some lift. Do this for all the sections. After drying the hair, take a bit of pomade in your fingertips and run them through your hair to create movement.

Sophisticated Bob

First, dampen the hair with a smoothening cream and then, using a round brush, blow-dry it straight. After the hair is dry, straighten it with a flat iron. If you want to curl the ends of your hair, then use a 1-inch curling iron to roll it under. In the end, apply a glossing spray over the hair and smoothen stray hairs with your palms.

Wavy and Tousled

First, wet your hair thoroughly, and immediately part the hair to one side. To the damp hair, apply any volumizing product and blow-dry using a round brush. While drying, it is better to liven up your hair at the roots, using a round brush, to add volume. After drying, curl the bottom half of the hair using a 1-inch curling iron. To finish off, apply a flexible hold hairspray and tuck your hair behind one ear.

Sleek Updo

Wet your hair and apply a generous amount of styling gel. Then comb the hair thoroughly. For a sleek look, it is better not to let the hair dry. After combing the hair, take a small section of hair near the top-front section of the head and pin it back using bobby pins. This will prevent frizziness; the rest of the hair should be brushed back and tied with an elastic band. To keep hair in control, apply an anti-humidity hairspray.

Casual Updo

Apply a curl-shaping gel through the hair and use a diffuser to blow-dry it. This will bring out a wavy texture in your hair. Using a brush, sweep the bangs to one side. Then flip them out. Part the hair on the deep side of the hair and gather it into a ponytail leaving out the bangs. Secure the ponytail using a rubber band. Now, make a knot of the ponytail and, using bobby pins, secure it. Pull out a strand or two opposite the bangs and then apply hairspray over your entire head. This style is especially good for fine hair.

Messy and Funky Bob

Use a thickening spray to coat the hair, and then blow-dry while pulling at the roots to give a little lift at the crown. If you want backswept bangs, then blow-dry the hair to the side using a small round brush and flip them outwards at the ends. Take a bit of texturizing pomade between your palms and rub together random strands, curling them around the fingers. Now, use the fingers to fluff the disheveled hair and then apply hairspray. This style is especially good for thick hair.

Layered Bob

For this style, first, get a short layered bob cut with long side-swept bangs. To the roots of the hair apply mousse and blow-dry to give the hair some volume. Then style the hair straight. Hold the bangs in your second and third fingers and fix them to one side. Let them dry. Lastly, take a little bit of wax in your fingertips and gently rub it at the ends of the hair. Make sure that you apply the wax only at the ends.

Tousled and Chic

Wet your hair and dry them a little bit so that they are just dry. Use your fingers to part the hair down at the center-you need not make the line too straight. Apply a texturizing spray and allow the spray to dry naturally. After your hair has completely dried, gather medium-sized locks of hair and create a piece-updo by pinning them at the back of the head. Take some styling wax in your fingers and apply it to the front sections of the hair.

Funky Shag

Wet your hair and immediately part the hair to the side. Let the hair dry for some time until it is damp. Then apply a texturizing mousse and let the hair air dry. To make the hair look messy, take some wax in your fingers and run them through the hair, especially in the hair around the neck. Now, blow-dry the hair using a round brush. You can also give a little bit of curl to the shorter layers. 

Most people think that there are not many options with respect to hairstyles when it comes to short hair. But, as the different hairstyles given above will show you, there are indeed many choices that you can go for. You need not only have brunette hair to go for these styles, however, these hairstyles are also said to be best carried by brunettes. Color your hair in any shade of brunette and you can don these trendy and chic looks.

Cover Image by Rodger Shija from Pixabay

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