3 Amazing Homemade Body Wash Recipes

3 Amazing Homemade Body Wash Recipes

Strolling around a cosmetic shop, you find umpteen body washes displayed elegantly on the shelves under the heads of different brands. The packaging looks attractive enough to drive you towards them and ask the executive to give complete know-how about the products! As if waiting for this for long, the executive doesn’t leave any opportunity to induce you to buy at least one of the many varieties of body washes offered by so many brands.

Impressed by his explanation, you make up your mind to buy a particular product and rush towards the billing counter along with your new to-be-made possession. However, just as happy as you were, you immediately become sad and depressed upon seeing the cost of getting beautiful and radiant skin. Too late and embarrassed to say no, you end up buying the product.

You start using the product but the excitement soon fades away as the results do not seem to be as what was explained by the executive. To top it all, the harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, and dyes used in manufacturing the body wash products make your skin worse. Frustrated, you throw your prized possession into the dustbin and start looking for an alternative.

However, this time, instead of falling prey to attractive packaging, why not try something natural which promises to keep you refreshed and glowing throughout, without any harmful effects? With a few ingredients from the kitchen and a bit of your own creativity, learn how to make homemade body wash at home. 

Simple Body Wash

  • Take a large bowl and pour in ½ cup of unscented baby shampoo.
  • Add ¾ cup water and stir until well blended.
  • Stir in 2 tsp table salt and about 12 drops of skin-safe scented oil (any of your choice). Add a few drops at a time to ensure that the fragrance is not getting too strong.
  • Pour the body wash into a clean empty bottle and use it as required.
  • To make the body wash invigorating and refreshing, use peppermint oil and rosemary oil. Alternatively, you can drop in lavender and vanilla oil for a relaxing body wash.
  • To keep the germs off your body, make your body wash antibacterial by adding a mixture of tea tree oil and lavender oil.
  • To give your body wash an herbal effect, boil ¼ cup water with your favorite herbs, floral petals, and citrus peels. Pour the boiling water over ½ cup baby shampoo in a large bowl. Cover the bowl and steep for around 15-30 minutes. Thereafter, strain the liquid and add some thickener, such as Xanthan gum.

Scented Body Wash

  • Pour ½ gallon water into a large pot and heat on low flame.
  • Add 2 cups soap flakes or grated soap bar and 2 tbsp glycerin. Stir continuously until the soap melts completely.
  • Pour 15 drops of any fragrance oil and 1-2 drops of food coloring, if you wish. You can use any fragrance oil of your choice, such as coconut extract, kiwi extract, raspberry extract, strawberry extract, or vanilla extract.
  • Cook and heat the mixture until well blended.
  • Remove from heat and transfer into a glass jar.
  • Cover tightly and cool.
  • If you wish to make your body wash a little less thick, increase the amount of water to 1 gallon.

Body Wash For Dry Skin

  • Warm 1½ cup of distilled water in a large pot and dilute in one cup of clear unscented shampoo.
  • Stir in 1 tsp table salt, 4 tbsp aloe vera gel, and about 30 drops of any fragrant oil of your choice. Mix well until blended.
  • Remove from heat and pour it into an empty reusable plastic bottle.
  • Secure the lid and your homemade body wash for dry skin is ready to use.

Try them out and treat your skin luxuriously. These natural homemade body washes will leave you with skin that radiates softness, suppleness, and exceptional flawlessness.

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