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12 Amazing Hairstyles for Thin Hair

12 Amazing Hairstyles for Thin Hair

If you find more and more hair gracing your comb and pillow rather than your head then it is time to think of a treatment and a new hairstyle. Now, hair treatments can depend on your luck-they might or might not work for you. So, if you don’t want to take a shot at any treatments, getting a perfect hairstyle for your thinning hair is quite a safe bet.

Your hair may start thinning due to various reasons and it is very difficult to get the luxurious growth back. Instead, pamper yourself to a new hairstyle that not only disguises your receding hairline but also looks chic and cool.

There are quite a few hairstyles that can make you look like you have more hair than you really do. Try out a style that fits your look and you can as well stop worrying about your thinning hair. Given below are a few hairstyles, for both men and women, which are particularly good for thinning hair.

For Men

Buzz Cut
A very shortcut is the best option for men with thin hair as a long hairstyle will give a thinner and brittle look. A buzz-cut hairstyle will make the hair appear short but thick. This style gives a clean and edgy look and is best done with a trimmer. The buzz cut is the best way to disguise the thinning hair at the crown.

Messy Look
A messy hairstyle looks best on guys with wavy hair. Here, the hair at the sides and back are cut short while it is longer at the top. A hair styling product is applied to plump the hair. A volumizing shampoo or mousse can also be used. To give the hair a messy look, blow-dry the hair after applying the styling product and then scrunch it with your fingers. This will also give the hair a thick appearance.

Short Caesar Cut
This cut is suitable for men with any hair type-straight, curly or wavy, and it works for all age groups. This is a perfect cut for those with receding hairline as it is easy to maintain. The hair is cut to 1-2 inches all over and the bangs are pushed towards the front and given a horizontal fringe cut. Wet your hair so that it is damp and add a dollop of mousse. Now, with your fingers, arrange the hair and brush the hair towards the front. Let the hair dry and then smoothen with a little bit of pomade.

This hairstyle is the shorter version of the Mohawk and it also doesn’t involve shaving the sides of the head. The hair is cut short at the sides and the back with a very short but noticeable spike in the middle. The spike in the middle can also be brushed back or smoothed down.

Textured Crop
This style is best for those whose hair is starting to thin at the top of the head. The thinning hair is disguised by cutting the hair into mini-layers. This will give a thicker and fuller appearance. The hair at the top is cut in layers and the back and the sides are tapered. To add volume to the hair, rub a little pomade on the top of the head. This hairstyle conveys a professional look.

Crew Cut
Another short hairstyle is the crew cut. In this style, the thinning hair is blended with the rest of the hair. The hair at the sides and back are kept short and that on the top is kept slightly longer. In this way, the thinner areas intermingle with the thicker areas giving the appearance that the entire head is covered with thick hair.

Au Naturel
If you are completely bald at the front and top of the head, then you should go for the au naturel hairstyle. This is a very carefree style of oozing with an “I don’t care” attitude. The hair at the back and sides is allowed to grow naturally but kept short to medium short. The side hair is also brushed back.

Close Shave
Those with a bald spot at the top of the head can go for a close shave. The remaining hair is cut close to the scalp so that there is just a hint of hair. It gives a very sleek effect. 

For Women

Short Style
Women who suffer from thinning hair should go for a short hairstyle. This is because a short hairstyle makes hair appear thick as well as gives the hair a chance to grow back as there would be less styling. The top layers of the hair are kept long so that they fall into a more defined shape. This creates a blunt, solid, and thick look.

Bob Style
Another way to give the appearance of thick hair is to go for a bob cut. In this style, the hair is cut up to chin length and all the layers are kept at the same length. This gives the entire style a solid shape and an illusion of thickness. One advantage of this hairstyle is that you need to use minimal hair styling products.

Medium Curly Prawn
If you do not want to go for any of the short hairstyles then try out a medium-length style. However, to make the hair appear thicker in this style, the texture of the hair should be changed from straight to curly. So, this style is better for those who have natural hair. For medium-length hair, curls are necessary to provide volume and bounce; they make the hair appear fuller and thicker. Also in this style, the hair can be layered without looking flat.

Straight Long Style
To carry a long hairstyle in spite of thinning hair, you should go for a shoulder-length style. Your hair should be of one length and the sides and back should be cut at a horizontal line to create the illusion of width. Take care to cut the hair so that it sits on the shoulder; this will help to keep its shape and make it look thicker.

There are many reasons for thinning hair like pollution, genetics, or aging. Both men and women suffer from this and so the right hairstyle is absolutely necessary to suit your look.

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