6 Amazing Haircut Tips for Square Faces

6 Amazing Haircut Tips for Square Faces

Every face needs a different kind of haircut and it certainly is more than pick, choose, and cut. Some need the right mop on the head to accentuate and enhance the features to the utmost while others need to downplay their looks.

A square face means strong features including a stronger jawline and a broader look. They are very symmetrical and angular. Such faces can look quite bold and daring, and with the right hairdo and makeup, they look extremely striking.

A square face is common amongst many celebrities nowadays which means they’re a lot of ideas you can choose from. But again picking the right haircut can be a challenge for square faces as the main concern is softening and toning down the look by warding off the attention from the angles and strong jawlines. So read below to know what to do and what to avoid if you have a square face. The right cuts and snips will give you the slender and feminine look you desire.

Square Face Hairstyles

There are many suitable haircuts in varying lengths for square faces. A square-shaped face looks short and is about 2/3 as wide as it is long. It is symbolized by a wide face, a short chin, and a square jaw. Whether it is long tresses you want to stick to or a medium-length hairdo or a daring shortcut, you’ve got the options open.

Short Hairstyles for the Square Face

  • A hairstyle with a rounded appearance frames a square face well. Layered bobs or concave bobs just below the jawline go well for square faced girls who like to keep it short. The layers give a wispy and flow effect to the hair and divert one from the geometry the face holds. The concave look adds a diagonal aspect to the face and this really complements the features, minimizing the squareness of the face. A side parting with the bob goes well too and, adding a bit of height on top of the head, draws attention from the strong angles and makes the face look longer. If your hair is curly, work towards defining the curls as these add a rounded appearance to the face.
  • When it comes to avoiding short hairstyles for square faces, a hairdo above the jawline, with tapered sides, or a pixie cut should be shunned. These styles accentuate the jawline and make the face look broader, thereby enhancing what you should really be camouflaging.

Medium Hairstyles for the Square Face

  • With a little bit of extra hair length, you can experiment more. The same rule applies to medium length hairstyles too. The sides should be soft and wispy with choppy ends. They should fall way below the jawline to hide the squareness. The layered and graduated sides of the hairstyle angle up from behind and around to create a new frame for the shape. Adding texture to the hair with some curls and waves can do wonders.
  • An absolute blunt cut without any steps or asymmetrical edges should be avoided. Also, feather layers (layers just from the front) that terrace beneath the jawline make the jaw look huge.

Long Hairstyles for the Square Face

  • There are a lot of great cuts for girls who like to keep the hair long. Firstly, the advantage of creating an illusion of length to the short square face because of the long hair is a great boon. Enhancing the texture by layers and waves to give a rounded appearance to the face is a standard. The layers should begin at the cheekbones to make the jawbones seem rounded. This long hair should always be complemented with a wispy side part to add a spark to the face.
  • If you want to take it a step higher, ‘the half up and half down’ hairstyle or the classic ‘updo’ looks great on square faces. The ‘half up and half down’ hairstyle adds height and the side part and wavy texture aid roundedness of the face. The classic ‘updo’, which is a backcombed beehive with a fringe, can look very retro and dressy.
  • Now that you know what kind of long hair you can sport, you should know that long, straight, blunt hair with a poker-straight look and a center part is amongst the bad options.

Fringes for the Square Face

Fringes are an absolute necessity for a square face because of the wide forehead. Unlike the blunt straight-cut bangs, a side-parted cross-cut fringe defines the face. However, if you have heavy curly hair, you should miss the fringe as the texture of the hair is more than enough to soften your features. Taking care of a fringe and achieving a salon look might be quite a tough deal, but it’s definitely worth it.

Haircuts Square Faced Girls Must Avoid

A few tips have to be taken into account as to what square-faced girls should avoid indefinitely.

  • Long straight styles accentuate the straight jaw line hence should be avoided.
  • Straight, blunt-cut fringes with a centre part don’t have anything to add to a square face. There is enough symmetry in the face for another centre part.
  • Straight bobs or cuts ending at the jaw line should also be avoided. This only makes your square face stand out completely! 

These were some of the haircut ideas for square-faced girls. A very international face cut which many celebrities wear, you should be glad that you’re blessed with this shape. Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock, and Isabella Rossellini are a few celebrities with square face cuts and some outstanding hairstyles. Make them your inspiration and snip it up in style.

Cover Image by katyandgeorge from Pixabay

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