9 Amazing Hair Color for Dark Skin

9 Amazing Hair Color for Dark Skin

Do you possess dark, dusky, and sexy skin? Some of the best-looking women in the industry, such as Beyonce, Rihanna, and Jennifer Hudson, etc, have the most unflawed, dark skin tones. But to match this, not any hair type or color can be applied.

Keeping in the mind the facial cut, eye tone, and lifestyle of the individual, only the dyes and shades of certain pigments can be opted for. We can’t help you combat bad hair days but we can definitely assure you of the impression that you’re going to create with your tresses! Lately, dark-skinned celebrities such as Nicky Minaj are experimenting with dramatic and outrageous colors on their locks.

The most important factor here is the exact color, texture, and shade of your skin. Among dark skins, there are three types: dark brown, olive, and bronze. The presence of freckles and acne can drastically darken the tone of your skin. Furthermore, the skin is also made of undertones.

Identifying whether it is brown (cool and dark), pink (warming) or yellow (both) can also determine the kind of color suitable for your hair. If this piece has inspired you to get a hair makeover then read on to find out more! 

Based on Eye Color

For dark-skinned women with light eye color, such as blue, hazel, grey, green, light brown, etc, any hair color would look gorgeous. For those with medium eye colors and moderately dark brown skin, it is advisable to stick to dark blondes and light browns. For women with dark skin and dark eyes, yes, dark hair is the best!

Based on Skin Undertone

Most Asians, Hispanics, and Latinos possess a brown skin undertone and it can be identified by skin that burns easily. For such women, the best hair colors would be coffee, sandy blonde, blue-black, mahogany, burgundy, and fire-engine red shades for a dramatic look. It is advisable to avoid gold, bronze, and warm reds as this gives a sickly look. The basic rule here is, if you are dark-skinned then stick to darker shades of hair color.

  • Olive Skin Tone – The natural Jennifer Lopez skin color can be termed as olive. It usually has gold and brown undertones. Hair color is important in enhancing the beauty of these undertones as lustrous locks add definition to your hair. Deep golden browns, caramel streaks, deep rich reds like burgundy, deep browns and sandy hues, and sometimes, hints of black.
  • Very Dark Brown Skin Tone – Black: that’s the favorite color of women with extremely dark and brown skin. Deep reds can add a tinge of funkiness and burgundy would look good. Different shades of brown like dark, honey, and light brown are advisable; blonde must be eliminated unless in the form of streaks.
  • Bronze Skin Tone – The most famous celebrity with natural bronze/tanned skin is the sultry diva, Eva Mendes. Brown and brunette highlights, warm shades of blonde like honey or straw, and black hair for dark eyes. It is best to avoid hair color matching your skin tone as this gives a monochromatic appearance. 

Based on Hair Color

Kim Kardashian is the perfect example of a dark-skinned black-haired celebrity. This color projects the shiny locks as thicker and fuller compared to colored hair. This also enhances the tanned or brown skin undertones on your face and thus, improves complexion.

Although it can be donned by women who are dark-skinned, it is important to keep in mind the shade of blonde opted for. Also, avoid dyes and select highlights instead. For most women, golden undertones, honey blonde, and strawberry blonde mixed with hues of brown, make for ideal hair color. Platinum and lighter shades are prohibited.

The best hair color for dark skin is, undoubtedly, shades, tints, and hues of brown! Dark browns are perfect as they magnify your shimmering complexion. Rich and deep browns are again preferred to lighter shades. Chestnuts, blackish-brown, and light attracting color is sure to draw attention.

Based on the type of undertone and dark skin, reds can be applied. Autumn, burgundy, and auburn shades are better than bright reds and coppers. Reds are ideal for women with tanned skin tones. Contrasting red hair is not advisable unless you want to go in for a dramatic and contrasting look. 

Latest Trends

Bright Hues – This is the season to go wild and implement an out-of-the-box and edgy look for your dark skin tone. The most obvious and stylish singer who comes to mind when we talk of bright and stark color ranges is Rihanna! Highlights of blues, metallics, reds, and pinks, in the form of streaks, dyes, pastels, and dip-dyes, are sure to make you stand a class apart. The newest trend is the ‘ombre’, which means shaded like a gradient. This look involves coloring the length of the hair with a lighter shade, without touching the roots.

Blonde-Brunette – Commonly called ‘Bronde’, the blonde-brunette combination is lethal! Dark-skinned women, particularly those with olive to bronze appearance, such as Gisele Bundchen, popularized this look. Blonde and brunette highlights are balanced from the roots to the tips, thus giving depth and dimension to the hair. The best way to go about it is by painting selected layers on the top of the head with different volumes of the dye. Latino celebrities such as Giuliana Rancic rock the Bronde approach!

Sun-Kissed – I’ve been sun-kissed! Strategically placing golden highlights in wind-blown curls and waves is known to look fabulous on darker complexioned women. Shakira, for example, carries off the sun-kissed and tanned look, beautifully. This can be achieved, not by over-highlighting but, by creating the right contrast. Honey and straw are the best shades on dark to medium brown hair. 

These are some of the hair colors and trends that can be used on beautiful, glowing, dark-skinned women. Although every individual has a different undertone, it is important to look through the tips before getting your hair colored or streaked. Don’t forget to have fun, while you’re doing so!

Cover Image by Dellon Thomas from Pixabay

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