5 Great Aerobic Exercises for Women

5 Great Aerobic Exercises for Women

The aerobic workouts come under the categories of cardiovascular, cardiorespiratory exercises for Women. These workouts make the body breathe in more oxygen and are done for a shorter period of time.

Compare the women of yesteryears to those of the 21st century and you would find an enormous difference between the two. Today, women are smart, intelligent, and versatile unlike those of yesteryears when they were simple dolls meant for household work or shopping.

However, though the present generation can be tagged as “go-getter”, one thing which was better or in fact best about women of yesteryears was their health. Today, due to the busy lifestyle, women, by and large, overlook their fitness routine and hence are crumpled down by various ailments and diseases. As such, to overcome the issues, the female folk need to imbibe physical activities in their routine to maintain good health.

For the same, many workouts are available today, but aerobic scores are the highest out of all. It basically is an activity that involves the usage of large muscle groups for a specific time period. Women can get a healthy and fit body with some very simple aerobic workouts. These exercises not only help them shed extra fat but also get a nice toned body.

There are a number of aerobic workouts that can be performed outside, inside, and in the gym as well. The best thing about these workouts is you can indulge in them at any time of the day. In the following lines, we have listed aerobic exercises for women.

Aerobic Exercises for Women


Walking is a great cardiovascular exercise for women. For those who want to increase their heart rate, this is a perfect exercise. To achieve the same, women need to walk faster than their normal pace. Roaming casually in a garden will not help. Power walking is what you require to take your heart rate to a higher level. You can also use weighted sole shoes to enhance the intensity of your walk. Apart from increasing the heart rate, power walking also improves the muscle tone of the lower part of the body and increases the quantity of energy spent. 

Running and Jogging

Once you have enhanced your stamina and strength by walking, opt for running and jogging. Both of them are great aerobic workouts. They help in burning the calories at a faster rate. Running and jogging can be done both inside and outside. Though early morning is the best time to indulge in these workouts, you can, nevertheless, run and jog any time of the day. 


Swimming is an awesome aerobic workout for women. It greatly helps in the elongation of muscles and burns fat. The fact that swimming is a hobby also can hugely help women to indulge in exercise for a long duration. Swimming also minimizes the chances of getting hurt or bruised which run high in case of walking, running, or jogging. 


If you go to the gym regularly, then make use of several types of equipment to carry out aerobic workouts. Treadmills, step machines, stationary cycles, elliptical trainers, etc are best to perform aerobic exercises for women in the gym. This is the best option for those who shy away from performing the workout in open places. You can also enroll yourself in cardio exercise classes that indulge in spinning; power pumps, aerobic dancing, water aerobics, etc. Quite a fun and enjoyable way to stay healthy and fit! 


If you want to increase the density of your bones as well as reduce the speed of calcium loss from the body, hiking can greatly help you achieve the same. An hour of hiking in a week is enough to keep your body energetic, slim, and fresh. It would help shed the fat at a much faster rate.

Follow any of the above-mentioned aerobic workouts and zoom your way to health. Dedication, concentration, and regularity are important for an effective aerobic workout.

Cover Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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