10 Adorable and Different Types of Perms

10 Adorable and Different Types of Perms

Do you find your straight haircut boring and bland? Or are you tired of sporting the same curly hairdo at all social events? Spice up your hairstyle and create luscious, bouncy curls through the different perming techniques offered at your end. The coolest and completely haute ideas in hair fashion, perms add life to dull hair and enhance the overall personality.

While soft and springy perms exude a sophisticated persona, tight perms ooze out a carefree and wild side of you. The curls created with the perming process, wherein the hair is treated with chemicals to change the structure of the hair, can range from thin to wavy to thick, depending upon the perming rods used, the section of hair wrapped around the rod, and the method applied.

The different kinds of perms so obtained will let you flaunt waves and create a new hot you in the town. So, if this has aroused enough curiosity to go in for the perming process and turn your Plain Jane look into the Madonna way, checking out the different types and styles of perms should be the first thing on your list of “Fashion Do’s” this month. To make things easier for you here’s presenting you with the various perm types. 

Acid Perm

Acid perms are best used for getting highly conditioned flexible curls. This perm style works out great on fine, fragile, sensitive, damaged, or tinted hair. The main advantage of opting for an acid perm is the minimized risk of hair damage. 

Alkaline Perm

For turning out strong and firm curls, one can go for alkaline perms. To extract the best and visible results, this perm style should only be attempted on normal and resistant hair. 

Exothermic Perm

Exothermic perms are created when the gentle heat produced by the chemical reaction blends with the lotion, so applied and enters the hair cuticles. As such, the lotion conditions and strengthens the hair from within, providing shape and creating bouncy, flexible curls on your mane. 

The above three perm styles are further utilized, with a number of techniques, to create various other perms. These are illustrated as follows. 

Body Wave Perm

Loose perms that are further stylized to create slight waves, using large rods, are called body wave perms. These make perfect hairdos for women who desire to flaunt a curly hairstyle with lots of volume and movement. While straight hair results in large curls when treated with the body wave perm process, naturally wavy hair, on the other hand, will exude tighter curls. 

Pin Curl Perm

The technique that uses pins to curl sections of hair without using any chemical treatment is termed pin curl perm. The hair is applied with gel, curled, and locked into place with pin curlers, to exhibit a natural curly look thereafter. The best part about this perm style is that no damage is caused to the hair from the chemicals. 

Root Perm

Root perms are utilized to add lift and life to the roots of the hair. Perfect for short and flat hair, this technique gives the hair the much-needed boost to create voluminous locks. 

Spiral Perm

If you are yearning to get a bunch of cascading curls over your head, full of bounce and spring, then the spiral perm process is simply apt for you. The hair is rolled around long perm rods to produce the spiral curl effect. The spiral perms created with this technique are tight and hence, can be sprung out in different directions to give the desired hairstyle. However, the overall look of the spiral perms would largely depend upon the width of the perming rod, the chemicals used, and the expertise of the hairstylist. 

Weave Perm

For perming some sections of the hair while keeping the rest of the strands straight, a weave perm process is carried out. The end result is a perfect combination of body, bounce, and natural flair, particularly near the fringes of the face.

Stack Perm

Women, who have a single-length haircut, can go for stack perms to add volume to the hair. While leaving the hair on the top of the head, the middle and the ends are curled into perms using different-sized rollers or perm rods. The result is voluminous hair with movement and illusion of layers. 

Volumizing Perm

If you wish to add volume and texture to your hair rather than springy, tight curls, then a volumizing perm technique is your take. Suitable for different types of hair lengths, this process infuses bounce and glamour to your lifeless and dull hair. Since less emphasis is given on the curls, this perm style looks best on thick long haircuts and oval face shapes. 

Need any more stylish hairstyle ideas to jazz up your tresses? Take time to choose the appropriate perm and transform your dull curls into a style statement.

Cover Image by Claudio Terribile from Pixabay

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