9 Great Beach Wedding Dresses and Gowns

9 Great Beach Wedding Dresses and Gowns

Most brides-to-be dream of their perfect fairytale wedding on radiant and colorful sea-shores. The calm waters, the gentle breeze, the lovely skyline, the ideal weather, and more importantly, the romance of the location-all these factors inspire young women to drool over the idea of a beach wedding.

Everything may seem simple except when it comes to choosing the right dress for this memorable occasion. There is no doubt that since there is the increased popularity of vows being taken beside the beach, there is also no shortage of designs when it comes to wedding attire; but nature can surprise you at any moment during the wedding!

For this reason, it is advisable to keep in mind several things while making your selection: budget, climate, surroundings, and people. Gowns, specifically for beach weddings, are available in different stores but again, picking the right one is the real issue.

Marriages on the beach are less formal, more dreamy, more fun, and simple yet elegant. To get a fair view of the types of wedding dresses and complementary accessories to highlight your beauty on the D-day of your life, read into the following sections. 

Beach Bridal Gowns

  1. The first and foremost rule to remember is not to go overboard. Comfort is the key while choosing beach gowns as the temperature can play truant and it may become very humid. Therefore, the material of the dress should be airy and light. Chiffon, cotton and lace seem like good options.
  2. The length of the wedding gown is also another factor. This can be suited according to the time of the day. Longer ones for the night, shorter ones during the day. The cut of these dresses can range from A-line to umbrella to tight-fitting, again, depending on the season and time of the wedding.
  3. Summer beach weddings are probably the ideal creative time as fun yet classy designs can be experimented with. If you are an unconventional bride looking for a unique wedding, then your dress can even be short with pleats and ruffles. Adorning cute and funky accessories, such as flowery hair embellishments or anklets, is also a great choice. To enhance the beauty of the gown, you could also wear a simple neckpiece, a choker, with a rhinestone attached to it. Earrings can consist of pearl drops or chandeliers, according to the details on the gown. Bracelets may or may not be worn, but a single bangle made of beads and flowers will definitely make a difference.
  4. Due to the fact that beach weddings are out-of-the-box, you can change the necklines on your dress, as per your wish. Halters, tubes, one-shouldered and V-necks are probably the most popular. You would be excited to know that the famous celebrity wedding of Renee Zellweger took place on a beach, with beautiful flowers, a gorgeous strapless gown and a bare-footed groom, Kenny Chesney!
  5. It is preferable to stick to the colour white as it symbolizes peace and purity. But if you want a change then light shades of blue, yellow, cream and ivory can also highlight the bride’s complexion and the setting. Intricate beading work, pearls or a Swarovski crystal can definitely enhance the oomph in the dress. There is yet another alternative, you could choose a backless gown adorned with piping of tiny stones.
  6. “Hair” comes the bride! Although you’d love to let your locks down, it is advisable to keep your hair pinned up with clunky pins or simple lilies to avoid it from flying in the wind. After taking your wedding vows, you are free to set it free, if you like. Other sophisticated pieces of hair jewellery may include pins of starfish, petals with pearls, a string of mother-of-pearl flowers etc. Tiaras are known to create a perfect fairytale look.
  7. Complementary to the nature and colour of your dress, you may wear makeup. There is absolutely no need for heavy eyeshadow and metallic shades owing to the saturation of water in the air. All products must be water-proof and kept to the bare minimum.
  8. It must also be kept in the mind that the kind of flowers and decorations opted for, should suit the theme and setting of the wedding. Fairy lights would make the couple look radiant. Tropical buds in hues of purple, yellow and orange, add a hint of colour to your big day. Hawaiian flowers, orchids and birds of paradise are among the common ones. As far as the bride goes, holding a small bouquet of her (your!) favourite flowers adds that perfect finishing touch to a bright and happy day.
  9. Shoes or no shoes? You choose! Either way, the elegance and sobriety of the wedding do not get affected. Sandals are the pick of a beach event; preferably in a pearly white or bright white colour. If you are going barefoot, then you go girl! There is nothing more sexy and beautiful than well-pedicured feet on the soft sands. In today’s time, there is something called barefoot jewellery, which is typically beads which are made in the form of shoes. These are glamorous and very elegantly simple. 

The above article gives you an idea about all the possible options for a beach wedding dress and the accessories that come along with it. Finally, it is important to remember that a dress, shoes, makeup, flowers, and accessories are incomplete without a smile! So, go out there and make it the best day of your life.

Cover Image by Manuel Alejandro Leon from Pixabay

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