20 Balanced Beauty Tips For Men

20 Balanced Beauty Tips For Men

Isn’t it unfair that the world only mentions legendary beauties like Cleopatra or Diaochan or contemporary fashion and silver screen divas like Nicole Kidman when they talk about beauty? Yes, it is! Beauty is not exclusive to women alone, even men can also add length to this list.

Have you ever wondered why this stereotype classification of beauty? Well, it could be because women often show great interest in beauty and skincare while men keep silent and evade talking or doing at-length when it comes to skincare.

Looking beautiful is not a big deal if you can squeeze in some time for regular skincare. You need to care for your skin religiously if you want a nice, glowing complexion. So, are you willing to let go of your languor and invest some time in skincare? If yes, then all you will need is a few tips to get started.

This write-up provides you with some simple beauty care tips that will help you achieve a flawless complexion. Also included are a few homemade skin fixes that will help you flaunt radiant skin any day! 

Skin Care Tips

  1. Cleansing should essentially be followed with deep moisturizing. If you have oily skin, then use a moisturizing gel or lotion rather than a moisturizing cream.
  2. Do you know that your skin becomes a dump yard of dead cells if you do not exfoliate it regularly? Scrub your face twice a week to wash off those dead cells from your skin and keep it looking fresh and young.  Scrubbing will help you remove blackheads and whiteheads as well.
  3. It is cruel to expose your skin to the burning sun. Your skin cells burn to protect your body from heat. So, apply sunscreen whenever you are out in sun and keep your skin away from sunburn and a deep tan.
  4. Alcohol and cigarette are the biggest skin-foes. They dehydrate your skin, impart a pale and lifeless texture to it, and speed up skin aging.
  5. Exercise regularly. It induces sweat and removes toxins from the body. That way, you can get bright and younger-looking skin.
  6. Drink at least 2 liters of water every day. Also, take fruit juices. Try to include fresh vegetables in your diet. Salads are the best method to take freshly cut vegetables.

Shaving Tips

  1. Your skin may look puffy in the morning due to the accumulation of fluids. This will impede the closer shave. So, try to avoid shaving in the morning.
  2. It is better to wet your whiskers with warm water before attempting a shave. Warm water makes your hair softer and provides an easy shave. 

Hair Care Tips

  1. You should spend some time caring for your hair. This would benefit you with glowing hair, thereby adding extra charm to your personality. You may opt for homemade hair masks to add shine and health to your hair.
  2. Use herbal products like herbal shampoo and conditioner to clean your hair. You should cleanse your hair at least thrice a week. Select a product that suits your hair. There are separate products for dry hair, damaged hair, oily hair, etc. You just have to identify your hair type and choose the correct product.
  3. Why should you bear grey hair when you have a plethora of colors available in the market? Color your hair with trendy hair color and wipe off tall signs of aging.

General Care

  1. Lips are not exclusive for women, then why lip balms? Do not hesitate to use lip balms if you have a cracked lip.
  2. Care to trim all unwanted hairs from your body.
  3. Hands and feet are also important. Scrub your feet to exfoliate it on a regular basis. This will help you to battle feet odor and cure cracks.

Some Home Recipes

  1. Orange has an amazing effect on the skin, so is curd. Extract fresh juice from orange and mix it well with about two teaspoons of thick curd. Apply this mixture to your face and massage gently with upward circular movements.  Let it be on your face until it dries and then washes it off with cold water. 
  2. Take apple peel and rub the inner side on your face with an upward circular motion. Allow it to dry and then wash off with cold water. This is an excellent skin tightener.
  3. If you can put up with the eggy-stench, then the egg is an excellent tightening and anti-aging agent. Beat an egg white and apply it on your face with an upward circular motion. Let it dry and wash it off with cold water. It not only tightens your skin but also delays wrinkles.
  4. An ice cube can do wonders. Gently rub your face with ice cubes and pat it dry. This improves blood circulation and boosts skin health. Thus, you can achieve healthy skin even with a frozen piece of water. 
  5. Here is an excellent face mask! Mix well some fresh milk cream with a pinch of turmeric powder and few drops of olive oil. Apply the mask on your face and leave it for some time. Wash it off with cold water when it dries completely and pats dry.
  6. Grind half a cucumber to make a pulpy paste. Squeeze it and extract the juice. Apply it all over your face and wait for some time. Wash it off with cold water and pat dry. 

Mentioned above were some beauty care tips for men along with some home recipes to attain beautiful skin. Try them, they are inexpensive and devoid of any side effects. You may use it on a daily basis until you have achieved the desired results. It’s a privilege to have healthy and glowing skin!

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