17 Amazing Hair Curling Tips

Hair Curling Tips

Flat and straight hair gives a very unstylish and boring look while curls can look ravishing. The problem is that not everyone is endowed with naturally curly hair. So, if you want to make your hair look bouncy and more voluminous then curling is the way to go. Your perfect look for a date or a party can be made all the more alluring if you can spruce it up with neatly curled hair. But to get the wild and carefree curls is not easy.

You have to literally mold the hair into another shape. The curls will last for a day or two unless you do a perm. At home, you can curl your hair using a curling iron, which uses heat to restructure the hair strands. That is why it is important to be careful and learn how to use the iron or you will end up severely damaging your hair.

However, there are other ways also in which you can curl your hair without using any heat. You just need a little bit of practice and patience to spice up your hairstyle with curls. In the article given below, you will learn how to curl your hair and also the various ways in which you can do so.

Hair Curling Tips
  1. The barrel size of your curling iron determines the type of curls you will get. So, to get the look that you want, it is important that you know the type of iron to use. If you want a wavy look then iron with a 2-inch barrel would be the best. For tighter curls, you can go for curling irons with an inch or lesser barrel size.
  2. Knowing the right heat setting for your hair is also important. For this, you should know your hair type. Therefore, it is always better if you pick a curling iron with veritable heat settings. While curling, set the heat to below 200° F if you have fine and fragile hair; this would help you avoid damaging your hair. You can go for a higher heat setting if you have curly and thick hair. However, it is always better to know how your hair responds while curling. Also, never heat the iron to more than 400° F.
  3. Before using the curler, prepare your hair properly. For oily and limp hair, you should wash and condition your hair so that it increases in volume. Make sure that each and every strand is damp enough and not dripping wet. Then spray the hair with a thermal heat protectant to prevent damage and blow-dry. Applying a light gel also helps stiffen the curls and keeps their shape; however, take care not to apply too much as it will make the hair feel hard and sticky.
  4. If you want to get lasting bouncy and tight curls then you should curl your hair with a special technique.
  5. First, divide your hair into manageable sections and clip them. If you have thick hair then you will have to divide your hair into more sections. Remember, the smaller the size of the locks, the tighter will be the curls.
  6. Starting from the nape, grab and comb each section of hair. Now, hold each section by the end and spray a light-hold hairspray to create a lift in the hair. If you are using a clamp iron curler, then first clamp the hair at the ends and roll up completely around the barrel. Use a clamp-less iron by wrapping the hair around the barrel from the roots. Make sure that you don’t hold the iron on the hair for more than 10 to 20 seconds.
  7. Complete curling each section at a time and finish off by gently running your fingers through the curls, and spray the entire head with hairspray. If your hair doesn’t hold up a curl after you remove the iron then simply roll it back and secure with a clip. Remove the clips after your entire head has been curled.
  8. If you want to get loose flowing curls, separate and clip the hair into diagonal sections to give a softer look. Grab each section and comb it thoroughly and then spray it with a hairspray. Now, wrap the section spirally around the barrel from the roots to the tip. Keep for 10 to 20 seconds and then release the iron. Then spray lightly with hairspray. Do the same for all the other sections. For a more glamorous look, you can brush the curls with a natural bristle brush. You can also shake the curls with your hands to get a beachy look.
Different Ways of Curling

Foam Rollers

  1. Divide the hair into sections and coat them with mousse. Be careful while doing this; if you apply too much, the hair won’t dry and if you apply too little, the curls won’t hold. Then spray the locks with a strong hairspray.
  2. Now, roll each section of hair, using a foam curler, from the bottom to the top. Make sure that you roll the hair tightly and then secure the curler at the scalp with bobby pins. To give the curls a more volumizing look, roll the curler inwards facing down. After curling all the sections, blow-dry.
  3. Keep the curlers on for as long as possible and then remove them gently by spinning so that the hair gets out.


  1. First, shampoo and condition the hair and then comb them. Pin the top half at the top of your hair.
  2. Now, depending upon the type of curls you want, braid your hair. Make sure that you braid the hair tightly. Start with the bottom half and after you are done with them, braid the top half.
  3. For thick luxurious curls, you can go for French braids. For loose curls, you can braid 1-inch locks. If you want afro style curls, you have to go for even smaller braids.
  4. Be careful not to tangle the braids. After you remove the braids, slowly run your fingers through your curls. You can apply a hairspray or light gel to keep the curls in place.

Bobby Pins

  1. You can also use bobby pins to get loose natural curls. Divide the hair into thin sections and then twist them as tight as you can. Wrap the strand into a little circle at the top of your head. Pin the circle with two bobby pins crisscrossing each other. Do the same with all the other strands.
  2. Keep the circles for a night and then remove the pins.

The aforementioned are ways of curling your hair at home. You obviously have the option of getting it done at the parlor but whatever you do, keep the basic precautions in mind so that your hair stays healthy and looks gorgeous.

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